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Summer 2000 Research Program:
Research Experiences for Undergraduates
Research Projects

Each REU student is listed below, along with the title of the student's summer project and the name of the faculty research mentor. Links are provided to each student's final report, and where available, a photo of the student at work on the research project.

Jason Alicea, University of Florida
Response of a cosmic ray detector to Cf-252 fission fragments and the design of a rotating scattering chamber (with Prof. Gene Dunnam): photo | report.

Jacob Alldredge, University of Florida
Deposition of optical thin films of nanotubes (with Prof. Andrew Rinzler): photo | report.

Josh Alwood, University of Florida
Possible non-Fermi liquid behavior in the U2(NixCo1-x)2In system {with Prof. Greg Stewart): photo | report.

Rob Clark, Ohio Northern University
Studies of electrochromic devices based on thin films of PProDOT-Me2 (with Prof. David Tanner): report.

Jamal Derakhshan, West Virginia University
Charge transport in bismuth (with Prof. Art Hebard): report.

Sasha dos-Santos, University of South Florida
Detection of trace elements in meteorites using PIXE (with Prof. Gene Dunnam): photo | report.

Larry Dunn, Hendrix College
Detection of amyloid fibril formation in hen egg white lysozyme using dynamic light scattering (with Prof. Stephen Hagen): photo | report.

Jesse Gregory, Kenyon College
Calculation of impurity-averaged properties of Kondo systems (with Prof. Kevin Ingersent): photo | report.

Kathryn Krycka, University of Massachusetts, Lowell
Gap functions and non-local dynamics of unconventional, superconducting UPt3 (with Prof. Peter Hirschfeld): photo | report not available.

Stephanie Majewski, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Development of a high-sensistivity pump-probe fast scanning delay line (with Prof. David Reitze): photo | report.

James Maloney, University of Florida (*)
Low temperature measurements of novel low-dimensional systems (with Prof. Mark Meisel): photo | report.

Tim McDonald, Oklahoma Baptist University
Study of the optimum momentum resolution in the CMS endcap muon system (with Prof. Darin Acosta): report.

Aniel Nieves, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus
Acceptance of the beam shower counters at the CDF experiment (with Prof. Darin Acosta): photo | report.

Ulai Noomnarm, University of Florida
Studies of gold clusters in graphite pits via scanning tunneling microscopy (with Prof. Liz Seiberling): photo | report.

James Stock, Stetson University
Low temperature measurements of novel low-dimensional systems (with Prof. Mark Meisel): photo | report.

June Yowtak, University of Dallas (*)
Transgenic arabidopsis plants as the subject of magnetic field effects (with Prof. Mark Meisel): photo | report.

Mike Zellner, Millersville University
Comparison of Stark broadening and Doppler broadening of spectral lines in dense hot plasmas (with Prof. Chuck Hooper): report.

(*) These students participated in all activites of the UF Physics REU program. However, their financial support was provided by the National High Magnetic Field REU program.

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