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Summer 2000 Research Program:
Research Experiences for Teachers

The Department of Physics at the University of Florida offers an eight-week summer research program for K-12 teachers, supported by the National Science Foundation.
The Summer 2000 RET program ran from June 12 to August 4, inclusive. Five participating teachers ...
  carried out research within an active research group in the Physics Department;
  developed instructional materials based on their research experience (for instance, see this paper describing a simple demonstration of percolation);
  constructed and performed an entertaining and educational "Physics is Fun" show;
  took part in elements of the Teacher Research Update Experience, run by the University of Florida Center for Precollegiate Education and Training (seminars, workshops and field trips related to physics and other scientific disciplines, plus sharing sessions devoted to best teaching practices);
  took part in joint activities with undergraduates enrolled in the REU program (seminars on cutting-edge areas of physics and career opportunities in the physical sciences, plus field trips to industrial and academic laboratories).
Nora in the lab

Nora Stackpole models clean-room attire used in Prof. Fred Sharifi's lab

Physics is Fun

"Physics is Fun" show: Stephen Gerofsky uses a frozen banana as a hammer

Sharing session

Sharing session: Brad Smrstick gives tips on making bottle rockets

For more information, please contact the Program Director, Kevin Ingersent.

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