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Summer 2002 Research Program:
Research Experiences for Undergraduates
Research Projects

Each REU student is listed below, along with the title of the student's summer project and the name of the faculty research mentor. A link is provided to each student's final report.

Adam Bograd, University of Florida
Non-Fermi liquid behavior in UCoAl (with Prof. Greg Stewart): report.

Daniel Carlson, Stetson University
Development of variable path length acoustic cavity for high-resolution phase velocity measurement (with Prof. Yoonseok Lee): report.

Matthew Cornick, Colorado State University
Infrared spectral enhancement of an electrochromic cell by water removal (with Prof. David Tanner): report.

Sean Echols, Hampshire College
Thermal evaporative growth of high-quality bismuth films (with Prof. Art Hebard): report.

Stephen Hicks, University of Florida
Fermi surfaces which produce large transverse magnetoresistance (with Prof. Selman Hershfield): report.

Taylor Hughes, University of Florida
Simulation and analysis of pattern formation in 2-dimensional electron gas systems in the quantum Hall regime (with Prof. Alan Dorsey): report.

Jerrold Kielbasa (*), University of Florida
Low-temperature measurements for detecting phase transitions in MnCl3-phen (with REU student Michael Walsh and Prof. Mark Meisel): report.

Jayeeta Kundu, Reed College
Examining nonlinear properties of single-wall carbon nanotube films using the Z-scan method (with Prof. Dave Reitze): report.

Sara Maccagnano, Montana State University
Quantum characterization of Ni4 magnetic clusters using electron paramagnetic resonance (with Prof. Steve Hill): report.

Althea Moorhead, University of Arizona
Feasibility of detecting leptoquarks decaying to neutrinos plus jets in the mass range 100 to 200 GeV using the CDF detector (with Prof. Darin Acosta): report.

Joseph Munoz, Princeton University
Scintillators as an external trigger for cathode strip chambers (with Prof. Andrey Korytov): report.

Mark O'Brien, Lycoming College
Effects of randomness on ferromagnetism in a Ga1-xMnAs diluted magnetic semiconductor (with Prof. Kevin Ingersent): report.

Guido Reichstadter, University of Florida
Mounting single-walled nanotube fibers on atomic force microscope probe tips (with Prof. Andrew Rinzler): report.

Michelle Snider, Smith College
Investigation of adaptive optical components for high power mode matching in gravitational wave detectors (with Prof. Dave Reitze): report.

Andrew Steinberg (*), Duke University
Biomagnetics: Effects on transcription associated with Adh/GUS and Adh/GFP promoter-reporter systems in Arabidopsis due to static magnetic fields up to 9 T (with Prof. Mark Meisel): report.

Michael Walsh, Creighton University
Low-temperature measurements for detecting phase transitions in MnCl3-phen (with REU student Jerrold Kielbasa (*) and Prof. Mark Meisel): report.

Brian Wignall, University of Texas at Austin
Non-equilibrium transitions in a tight-binding model simulation of a weakly coupled superlattice (with Prof. Selman Hershfield): report.

(*) These students participated in all activites of the UF Physics REU program. However, their financial support was provided by the National High Magnetic Field REU program.

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