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Summer 2003 Research Program:
Research Experiences for Undergraduates
Research Projects

Each REU student is listed below, along with the title of the student's summer project and the name of the faculty research mentor. A link is provided to each student's final report.

Christian Anderson, Luther College
Effect of gas composition on CMS cathode strip chamber performance (with REU student Simcha Korenblit and Prof. Guenakh Mitselmakher): report.

Jonathan Blender, Cornell University
Web interface for Monte-Carlo event generators (with Prof. Konstantin Matchev): report.

Michael Bostick, Rochester Institute of Technology
Modeling and visualizing three dimensional crystal structures (with Prof. Christopher Stanton): report.

Eduardo Calleja, University of Florida
High-resolution phase velocity measurements in an acoustic cavity (with REU student Shanshan Qi and Prof. Yoonseok Lee): report.

David Elam (*), University of Florida
Magnetic properties of linear metal chains and their liquid crystal derivatives (with Prof. Mark Meisel): report.

Simcha Korenblit, University of Florida
Effect of gas composition on CMS cathode strip chamber performance (with REU student Christian Anderson and Prof. Guenakh Mitselmakher): report.

Kevin Larson, University of Florida
Thermal time constant measurements for Ge-doped GaAs thermomemters at low temperatures (with Prof. Gary Ihas): report.

Christina Leidel, Ohio Northern University
Methods of compensation for thermal lensing effects in gravitational wave detectors (with Prof. David Reitze): report.

Jonathan Logan, University of Florida
Spectroelectrochemical study of carbon nanotube and indium oxide thin films (with Prof. Andrew Rinzler): report.

Holly Miller, Longwood University
Temperature dependence of magnetic domains in phase-separated manganites (with Prof. Amlan Biswas): report.

Daniel Phalen, Rice University
Magnetic quantum tunneling in subsets of Mn12-Ac molecules (with Prof. Stephen Hill): report.

Michelle Planicka, North Georgia College and State University
The study of protein secondary structure and stability at equlibrium (with Prof. Stephen Hagen): report.

Shanshan Qi, Barnard College, Columbia University
High-resolution phase velocity measurements in an acoustic cavity (with REU student Eduardo Calleja and Prof. Yoonseok Lee): report.

Angela Stewart, Benedict College
Low-temperature measurements for detecting magnetic spin interactions in transition metals (with Prof. Mark Meisel): report.

Brian Wingert, McDaniel College
PIXE analysis of Florida alligator plasma (with Profs. Gene Dunnam and Henri Van Rinsvelt): report.

(*) This student participated in all activites of the Univ. of Florida Physics REU Site: program. However, his financial support was provided by the National High Magnetic Field REU program.

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