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Summer 2007 Research Program:
Research Experiences for Undergraduates
Research Projects

Each REU student is listed below, along with the title of the student's summer project and the name of the faculty research mentor. A link is provided to each student's final report.

Alex Alemi, California Institute of Technology
Development and characterization of high-power laser and optical components for advanced LIGO detectors (with Prof. David Reitze).

Cory Bailey, Morehouse College
Introducing disorder into quantum critical systems (with Prof. Greg Stewart): report.

Brad Barker, University of Florida
Level repulsion in the Quantum Fourier Transform (with Prof. Selman Hershfield): report.

Chinmoy Bhattacharjee, Columbia University
Electron transport through a single molecule device with center-of-mass motion: A numerical renormalization group study (with Prof. Kevin Ingersent and Dr. Matthew Glossop): report.

Justin Cohen (*), University of Florida
Neutron scattering solutions for an S=1/2 quantum spin ladder (with Prof. Mark Meisel): report.

Amalie Donius, St. Bonaventure University
Negative magnetocapacitance in Schottky barriers (with Prof. Art Hebard): report.

Rodrigo Farnham, Louisiana State University
Electron paramagnetic resonance: Theory and analysis (with Prof. Stephen Hill): report.

Chris Farrell, University of Florida
Probability of secondary muons in Z -> 2 muon signal in search for the Higgs boson (with Prof. Andrey Korytov): report.

Jonathan Griffin, Morehouse College
An investigation of the magneto-resistance and quantum phase transitions of cryogenic sensors (with Prof. Gary Ihas): report.

Elaine Johnson, University of Florida
Development of proper microbiological technique for experimentation with Vibrio fischeri (with Prof. Stephen Hagen): report.

Stephanie Lewkowitz, University of Florida
Oscillating MEMS: the dazzling dynamics of microelectromechanical systems (with Profs. Ho-Bun Chan and Yoonseok Lee): report.

Christian Pecora, Stetson Florida
Stochastic simulation of noise in the genetic regulatory network of bioluminescence in Vibrio fischeri (with Prof. Stephen Hagen): report.

Abigail Pillitteri, Boston College
Optical properties of SixNy, SiOx, and SiOxNy thin films deposited by PECVD and measured by scanning electron microscopy, ellipsometry, and spectroscopy (with Dr. Ivan Kravchenko): report.

Scott Rager, Slippery Rock University
Using 133Cs2 for frequency stabilization of Nd:YAG laser near 1064 nm to study possible LISA building materials (with Prof. Guido Mueller): report.

Gabriela Sanz-Douglass (*), Ponoma State University
Magnetic susceptibility studies of heterostructures of Prussian blue analogs (with Prof. Mark Meisel): report.

Carlos Torres, University of Florida
Investigating the complexity of various quantum incrementer circuits (with Prof. Selman Hershfield): report.

Evan Weisman, Ramapo College of New Jersey
AC susceptibility measurements of the spin crossover compounds [Fe(Htrz)2(trz)](BF4) and [Fe(pz)Pt(II)(CN)4]2H2O (with Prof. Mark Meisel): report.

(*) These students participated in all activites of the UF Physics REU program. However, their financial support was provided by the National High Magnetic Field REU program.

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