Each REU student is listed below, along with the title of the student's summer project and the name of the faculty research mentor.

Brandon Blasiola, Eastern Michigan University
Influence of pressure on the magnetic response of the low-dimensional quantum magnet Cu(H2O)2(C2H8 N2) SO4
(with Prof. Mark Meisel).

Jennifer Crawford, University of Florida
Electrostatic Simulation with Charge Trapping Model for Carbon Nanotube-Enabled Vertical Field-Effect Transistors
(with Profs. Selman Hershfield and Andrew Rinzler).

James Goff, Colorado Mesa University
Surface Properties, Electronic Properties, and Stabilities of Solid Solution MXenes
(with Prof. Susan Sinnott).

Michael Hastings, Northern Arizona University
Single-Photon Detection
(with Profs. Guido Mueller and David Tanner).

Alex Jagrowski, University of Dallas
Simulating neutron interaction with the Super Cryogenic Dark Matter Search Setup
(with Prof. Tarek Saab).

Sarah Johnson, Hillsdale College
Experimental analysis of spring hardening and softening nonlinearities in microelectromechanical oscillators
(with Prof. Yoonseok Lee).

Lauren McCarthy, University of Florida
Optically Pumped NMR Study of Lattice Strain in Bulk and Quantum Confined GaAs
(with Prof. Russ Bowers).

Max McIntyre, Lock Haven University
Electric field effect on the magnetism of (La0.4Pr0.6)0.67 Ca0.33MnO3 (LPCMO)
(with Prof. Amlan Biswas).

Tiffany Paul, University of Florida
Study of the Potential Dirac Material Pb0.9Sn0.1Se by Soft Point-Contact Spectroscopy
(with Prof. James Hamlin).

Madeline Sauleda, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Investigation of Solution Processed Channel Layer Materials in Carbon-Nanotube Enabled Vertical Field Effect Transistors
(with Prof. James Hamlin).

Jaynise Pérez, University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez
Pressure Dependence of the Magnetic Response of S=1 Polymeric chain

(with Prof. Mark Meisel).

Erik Vyhmeister, Andrews University
How Does Nanoscale Structure Affect Phonon Transmission?
(with Prof. Selman Hershfield).