Each REU student is listed below, along with the title of the student's summer project and the name of the faculty research mentor. A link is provided to each student's final report unless the results are to be included in a future publication.

Julian Brodie,North Carolina State University
Application of Direct Stress Using a Multilayered Actuator to Fine-tune Transport and Magnetic Properties
(with Prof. Amlan Biswas).

Kelley Daenzer,University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
Microwave Antenna Design and Simulation for Dynamic Nuclear Polarization Experiments in Semiconducting Thin Films
(with Prof. Russ Bowers).

Harrison LaBollita,Piedmont College
Characterization of Mirror Birefringence for ALPS
(with Profs. David Tanner and Guido Mueller).

Seve Monahan,Univ. of Florida
Automatic Computation of Layer Groups
(with Prof. Richard Hennig).

Colt Murray,Univ. of Florida
Computation of Acoustic Dispersion Relations in Microelctromechanical Systems
(with Prof. Roozbeh Tabrizian).

Mitchell Peck,St. John's University, MN
An Investigation into RCo3Si2, RNi3B2, and RFe3X2 (R = La, Ce; X = Si, B) Along with Other Structure Types
(with Prof. James Hamlin).

Eleanor Schodowski,Kalamazoo College
Interfacial Instabilities in Soft Matter 3D Printing
(with Prof. Thomas Angelini).

Juliane Scholtz,Cornell University
Favorable Power Conversion Efficiencies in Organic Solar Cell Bulk-heterojunctions
(with Prof. Selman Hershfield).

Dustin Watts,Berea College
Specific Heat Measurements for Single Crystal LiGaCr48
(with Prof. Yasu Takano).

Lucas Wilkins,Lycoming College
Room Temperature Characterization of MEMS Devices: Effects of Nearby Solid Boundary
(with Prof. Yoonseok Lee).