Summer 2017 Courses


Undergraduate Courses
Course Title Instructor
PHY 2020 Intro Principles of Physics
Summer B Syllabus  /  Summer C Syllabus
PHY 2048 Physics with Calc 1 Sunil Thapa / Abhishek Kumar
PHY 2048L PHY 2048 Lab
PHY 2049 Physics with Calc 2 Colin Barquist / Hector Chen
PHY 2049L PHY 2049 Lab
PHY 2053 Physics 1 Charles Parks
PHY 2053 Physics 1 Health Jonathan Thompson
PHY 2053L PHY 2053 Lab
PHY 2053L PHY 2053 Lab (online)
PHY 2054 Physics 2 Shawn Weatherford
PHY 2054L PHY 2054 Lab


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