Fall 2008

Qualifying Exams

September 11th, 2:00 PM, NPB 2260
Sungsu Kim

"NMR Studies of 3He Impurities in Solid 4He"
Prof. Sullivan, Chair

November 21, 3:30PM, NPB 2205
Patrick Mickel

"Dielectric and Ferroelectric Response in Manganites"
Professor Hebard, Chair

December 3, 4:00PM, NPB 2260
Zsolt Marcent

"Controlling the optical transmission through double-layer metallic subwavelength structures"
Professor Chan, Chair

Final Exams

November 25, 9:30AM, NPB 2205
Chi-Deuk Yoo

"Phenomenology of Supersolids"
Professor Dorsey, Chair

November 25, 3:00PM, NPB 2165
Deepak Kar

"Using Drell-Yan to Probe the Underlying Event in Run II at Collider Detector at Fermilab (CDF)"
Professor Field, Chair

December 5, 1:30PM, NPB 2205
Ranjani Narayanan

"Time-resolved laser spectroscopic studies of rate-limiting events in protein folding and binding"
Professor Hagen, Chair