Fall 2015

Qualifying Exams

Ryan Goetz
September 15, 1:00pm in 2260 NPB
"Low Loss Optical Isolators for Squeezing Injection in the Advance LIGO Interferometer"
Chair: David Tanner

David Curry
September 24, 1:00pm in 2260 NPB
"Search for the Standard Model Higgs Boson Produced in Association with W and Z and Decaying to Bottom Quarks"
Chair: Ivan Furic

Daniel Brooker
September 24, 2:00pm in 2165 NPB
"Precision Predictions of Primordial Power Spectra"
Chair: Richard Woodard

Peisen Ma
October 2, 3:00pm in 2260 NPB
"Search for SUSY in tri-lepton final states with MET"
Chair: John Yelton

Daniel Jackson
October 7, 11:00am in 2205 NPB
"Exploring materials near the Hill limit"
Chair: James Hamlin

Chris Wagner
October 27th at 10:00am in 2205 NPB
"Equilibrium and Time-Dependent Properties of Quantum Impurity Systems"
Chair: Kevin Ingersent

Andrew Carnes
October 29th at 1:00pm in 2260 NPB
"Higgs to Dimuons"
Chair: Paul Avery

Ang Li
November 2 at 8:30am in 2260 NPB
"Comparison of metal/semiconductor and superconductor/semiconductor Schottky barrier over a large temperature range"
Chair: Art Hebard

Hualin Mei
November 3, 1:00pm in 2165 NPB
"Mass Measurement of the 125-GeV Higgs Boson Using its Four-Lepton Decays and A Search for Heavy Resonances in the X -> ZZ -> 4l Decay Mode"
Chair: Andrey Korytov
Co-Chair: Guenakh Mitselmakher

Manish Amin
November 17, 1:00pm in 2165 NPB
"Determining White Matter Extra-Cellular Conductivity using Diffusion of Water Molecules"
Chair: Tom Mareci

Allen Majewski
November 20, 12:00pm in 2260 NPB
"Search for nuclear quadrupole resonance in an organic quantum magnet"
Chair: Neil Sullivan

Nicole Crisosto
November 19, 12:00pm in 2260 NPB
"LC Circuit Based Low Frequency Axion Search"
Chair: David Tanner

Haoming Jin
November 30, 8:30a in 2260 NPB
"Magnetic field induced suppression of current in forward biased Bi2Se3/n-Si Schottky barrier diode"
Chair: Art Hebard

Wenguang Jiang
December 1, 10:30a in 2205 NPB
"Mechanical resonance of a micro-electrical-mechanical oscillator in normal fluid $^3$He and superfluid $^3$He-B"
Chair: Yoonseok Lee

Siddhartha Abhinav
December 3, 2:00pm in 2260 NPB
"Non-linear non-equilibrium phonon transport in quasi one dimensional nanowire"
Chair: Khandker Muttalib

Andrew Chilton
December 7, 9:30am in 2205 NPB
"Technology Development for the LISA Mission"
Chair: Guido Mueller

Final Exams

Tathagata Chowdhury
November 4, 11:00am in 2205 NPB
"A study of quantum phase transitions in quantum impurity systems"
Chair: Kevin Ingersent

Michael Hartman
November 18, 3:30pm in 2205 NPB
"Measurement of Thermal Noise in Dielectric Mirrors and Parallel Phase Modulation for Gravitational-Wave Detectors"
Chair: Guido Mueller

Pan Zheng
November 19, 8:30am in 2205 NPB
"Study of Normal and Superfluid 3He Films with Micro-electro-mechanical Devices"
Chair: Yoonseok Lee

Johannes Eichholz
November 20, 2:00pm in 2165 NPB
"Digital Heterodyne Laser Frequency Stabilization for Space-Based Gravitational Wave Detectors and Measuring Coating Brownian Noise at Cryogenic Temperatures"
Chair: Guido Mueller

Xiao Chen
November 20, 3:00pm in 2260 NPB
"Schottky barrier field effect transistors using carbon nanotubes as field permeable electrodes"
Chair: Andrew Rinzler

Daniel Voss
November 23, 3:00pm in 2165 NPB
"Fast Alignment Control of an Optical Resonator"
Chair: David Tanner

Sima Saeidi Varnoosfaderan
November 23, 9:00am in 2260 NPB
"Doping Graphene with Manganese-based Single Molecule Magnets:Electronic Properties"
Chair: Art Hebard

Naween Anand
November 30, 2:00pm in 2260 NPB
"Temperature dependent optical and magnetic field study of class IV-VI chalcogenide: Pb1-xSnxSe"
Chair: David Tanner

Yibing Tang
November 30, 12:00pm in 2205 NPB
"MR Studies of 2D Quantum Systems: Helium-3 Adsorbed on Boron Nitride"
Chair: Neil Sullivan

Brad Welliver
December 2, 12:55pm in 2260 NPB
"Dedicated searches for low and high mass WIMPs with the SuperCDMS Soudan iZIP detectors”
Chair: Tarek Saab