Spring 2009

Qualifying Exams

February 24, 10:00am, 2205 NPB
Joseph Gartner
"Proposal to Study J/Psi Production in CMS"
Professor Acosta, Chair

March 3, 12:30pm, 2205 NPB
Vivek Mishra
“Fluctuation, Disorder and Inhomogeneity in Unconventional Superconductors”
Professor Hirschfeld, Chair

April 13, 9:45am, 2165 NPB
Evan Donoghue
"Organic Light Emitting Diodes using High Conductivity Single Walled Carbon Nanotube Films as an Anode"

April 13, 10:00am, 2165 NPB
Hridis Pal
"Transport Properties of Graphite"
Professor Maslov, Chair

April 14, 11:00am, 2260 NPB
Francisco Rojas
Field theory limit of the planar one-loop string scattering amplitude for gluons in the Neveu-Schwarz+ (NS+) model. Professor Thorn, Chair

April 16, 9:30am, 2205 NPB
Ronald Remington
"Using the CMS Detector at the LHC to Search for Supersymmetry in Events with Like-Sign Electrons and Muons, Jets, and Missing Transverse Energy"
Professor Yelton, Chair

April 16, 11:00am, 2165 NPB
Katherine Dooley "High power large-scale gravitational wave interferometers: development and characterization"
Professor Reitze, Chair

April 21, 2:00 PM, Room 2165
Myeonghun Park
"Mass and Spin Measurements in Missing Energy Events at Hadron Collider" Professor Matchev, Chair

April 22, 12:00pm, 2165 NPB
Md Sayed Hasan
"Studies on conformations and dynamics of flexible polymers in gas phase" Professor Obukhov, Chair

April 29, 8:00am, 2265 NPB
Hyoung Jeen
"Magnetoelectric effects in Manganites"
Professor Biswas, Chair

May 13, 10:00am, 2165 NPB
Hridis K. Pal
"Transport Properties of Graphite"
Professor Maslov, Chair

Final Exams

April 1, 9:00am, 2205 NPB
Guneeta Singh
"Size Effects in Phase Separated Manganite Nanostructures"
Professor Hebard, Chair

April 6, 1:45pm, 2260 NPB
Bhupathi Pradeep
"Construction of an Ultra Low Temperature Cryostat and Transverse Acoustic Spectroscopy in Superfluid 3He in Compressed Aerogels"
Professor Lee, Chair

April 7, 1:00pm, 2260 NPB
Misra Rajiv
"Experiments on Electron Interaction and Localization in Disordered Magnetic Thin Films" Professor Hebard, Chair

April 13, 2:00pm, 2165 NPB
Andrew Douglas
"Electron Transport Near the Anderson Transition"
Professor Muttalib, Chair

April 14, 12:00pm, 2205 NPB
Corey Stambaugh
"Fluctuation Phenomenon in a Nonlinear Microelectromechanical"
Professor Chan, Chair

April 14, 12:00pm, 2165 NPB
Daniel Sindhikara
"A Sampling of Molecular Dynamics"
Professor Roitberg, Chair

April 14, 1:00pm, 2260 NPB
Jinho Lee
"Dense Quantized Magneto-Plasmas in High Magnetic Fields Probed by Ultrafast Laser"
Professor Reitze, Chair

April 15, 4:00pm, 2165 NPB
Saiti Datta
"Studying the Effects of Interplay between Anisotropy and Exchange in Molecular Nanomagnets"
Professor Hill, Chair

April 16, 8:30am, 2165 NPB
Michael Ian Vega
"The Dynamics of Point Particles around Black Holes"
Professor Detweiler, Chair

April 22, 9:00am, 2205 NPB
Daniel Arenas
Devices and Materials for THz Spectroscopy" Professor Tanner, Chair

April 24, 10:00am, 2205 NPB
Michael Burns
"Model-Independent Mass and Spin Determination from Decay Cascades Using a Jet and Two Leptons"
Professor Matchev, Chair