Spring 2016

Qualifying Exams

Hector Chen
January 19, 1:00pm in 2205 NPB
"Point particles and Regularization in the Self-Force"
Chair: Steve Detweiler

Peisen Ma
March 30, 4:30pm in 2101 NPB
"Search for SUSY with Tri-lepton Final States in Proton-proton collisions at the LHC"
Chair: John Yelton

Sourav Raha
April 29, 1:00pm in 2165 NPB
“String bits at finite temperature"
Chair: Charles Thorn

Final Exams

Avinash Rustagi
March 29, 9:00am in 2165 NPB
"Optical and Transport Properties of Zero Gap and Finite Gap Semiconductors"
Chair: Chris Stanton

Doug Rank
Tuesday, April 5, 10:00am in 2260 NPB
"A Study of the Underlying Event at 13 TeV using the Leading Track"
Chair: Rick Field

Berik Uzakbaiuly
April 5, 3:00pm in 2260 NPB
"Infrared spectroscopy of high purity silicon and silicon immersion gratings"
Chair: David Tanner

Chris Reeg
April 21, 10:30am in 2205 NPB
"Superconducting proximity effect in topological materials"
Chair: Dmitrii Maslov