Qualifying Exams

Gordon Tam
Monday, June 16, 9:00am in 2165 NPB
"Quantum Criticality in Co-doped BaFe2As2 and Anomalous 20K Superconductivity in Iron-based Superconductors"
Chair: Greg Stewart

Guita Banan
Friday, August 22, 11:00am in 2205 NPB
"Magnetic susceptibility anisotropy in the brain"
Chair: Tom Mareci

Final Exams

Pedro Mora
Friday, May 16, 2:00pm in 2165 NPB
"Graviton Propagation During Inflation"
Chair: Richard Woodard

Iek-Heng Chu
Monday, July 7, 2:00pm in 2165 NPB
"Computational Studies of Excited States and Electron Transfer in Nanoscale Materials"
Chair: Hai-Ping Cheng

Yu Shen
Thursday, July 17, 10:00am in 2205 NPB
"Ultra-thin, Highly-uniform, Sprayed Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes for Vertical Field Effect Transistors"
Chair: Andrew Rinzler

Chris Mueller
Tuesday, July 22, 9:00am in 2165 NPB
"Techniques for Resonant Optical Interferometry with Applications to the Advanced LIGO Gravitational Wave Detectors"
Chair: Guido Mueller


Ashley August
Monday, July 21, 11:00AM IN 2205 NPB
"Video Analysis of Motion on an Incline to Determine Frictional and Gravitational Acceleration"
Chair: John Yelton