Summer 2017

Qualifying Exams

Delaram Ghoreishi
May 10, 9:00am in 2205 NPB
"Accelerating Chain of States Methods for Finding Minimum Energy Paths"
Chair: Adrian Roitberg

Prasanth Shyamsundar
June 28, 3:00pm in 2205 NPB
"Particle Mass Measurements from Extreme Event Reconstruction and Focus Points"
Chair: Konstantin Matchev

Final Exams

Nilanjan Banik
June 19, 9:30am in 2165 NPB
"Role of Axions in Structure Formation in the Universe"
Chair: Pierre Sikivie

Long Zhang
July 24, 1:00pm IN 2165 NPB
"Density Functional Theory plus Dynamical Mean Field Theory Calculation for Transition Metal Oxides"
Chair: Hai-Ping Cheng
Co-Chair: Kevin Ingersent

Ryan Goetz
July 26, 9:00am in 2260 NPB
"A Low Loss Faraday Isolator for Squeezing Injection in Advanced LIGO"
Chair: David Tanner

Bradley Nartowt
August 2, 12:00pm in 2165 NPB
"Thermal and Electrical Nonlinear Currents Driven through a Nano-Bridge Bearing an Electron-Phonon Interaction"
Chair: Khandker Muttalib Co-Chair: Selman Hershfield

Ian Stern
August 8, 2:00pm in 2165 NPB
"Microwave Cavities for Axion Dark Matter Detectors"
Chair: David Tanner