Fall 2017

Qualifying Exams

Christopher Samouce
October 13th at 11:00am in 2260 NPB
"Self-Assembled Single Walled Carbon Nanotube Films for OLED Applications"
Chair: Andrew Rinzler

Xiao Chen
October 13th at 9:00am in 2165 NPB
"Enhancement of nematicity due to superconductivity in FeSe_{1-x}S_x"
Chair: Peter Hirschfeld

Yunxi Liu
October 27, 3:00pm in 2205 NPB
“Spray Deposition of Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes for Vertical Organic Light-emitting Transistors”
Advisor: Andrew Rinzler

Bhargav Joshi
November 20th, 1:55pm in 2165 NPB
"Searches for Tau Decay to Three Muons"
Chair: Guenakh Mitselmakher
Co-Chair: Andrey Korytov

Final Exams

Ang Li
August 28, 10:00am in 2260 NPB
"Fundamental studies of Van der Waals Schottky/Tunnel Junctions utilizing Novel Layered Materials"
Chair: Arthur Hebard

David Curry
October 17 at 3:30pm in 2165 NPB
"Measurement of the Standard Model Higgs Boson Produced in Association with a W or Z Boson and Decaying to Bottom Quarks"
Chair: Ivan Furic
Co-Chair: Jacobo Konigsberg

Ramon Pulido
November 7 at 3:00pm in 2165 NPB
"Precious Metal Reduction in Near-Neutral pH and PEM Electrolyzers through Activated Graphitic Carbon Cathode and Mixed Oxide Anode Development"
Chair: Andrew Rinzler

Jie Hou
November 17, 3:15pm in 2165 NPB
"Gate Modulated Carbon Nanotube Silicon Schottky Junction Devices"
Chair: Andrew Rinzler