Contact: Pam Marlin,

1. Apply to graduate in ISIS by graduate school deadline

2. Once your dissertation is approved by your advisor, please have the professor email me their approval via email and I will enter this information in GIMS. This is called ‘letter of transmittal’ and it has to be processed before first submission of the dissertation or the editorial office can be made.

3. Make first submission deadline. Even if you are unable to graduate in the preferred semester, this allows you to ‘clear prior’.

4. Reserve a room for the exam. Schedules of 2205, 2260 and 2165 NPB can be seen here.

5. Send the title, date, location and time of your defense a week in advance so the paperwork can be prepared and an announcement made.

6. It is your responsibility to monitor all graduate school and editorial office final semester deadlines, there are no exceptions if a deadline is missed. Graduate School Calendar

7. Be mindful and promptly respond to emails from graduate secretary in regards to final semester graduation/commencement information.

8. Return office and building keys to Tim Noland in 1117.

9. Make graduate secretary aware of post-graduation employment plans.

10. Schedule exit interview.

11. Update your contact information in This address will be the one the registrar mails the diploma to.