Most entering graduate students are supported by a teaching assistantship or a grading assistantship. The teaching done by graduate assistantships is an important part of the overall instructional effort of the department. Such teaching is also a professional benefit to the graduate student, since it strengthens a studentís mastery of the subject. After successful completion of the coursework, typically after the second year for students arriving with a bachelor's degree, students are usually taken into one of the research groups and may be supported by a research grant. Students who have not yet demonstrated proficiency in English are appointed to a grading assistantship.

Appointments for teaching and grading assistantships for entering students are usually made for the twelve-month academic year beginning in August. The awards are based on faculty evaluation of the applicantís undergraduate record, GRE scores, and letters of recommendation. If a student plans to apply for financial support, transcripts and GRE scores should be sent directly to the Department for early evaluation. For the 2015-2016 academic year, the twelve-month stipend will be $23,000 for a first-year teaching graduate assistant, and grading assistantships at a reduced stipend was offered to those international students who are unable to pass the required Test of Spoken English, which must be taken on arrival. These stipends are sufficient, with Gainesville's relatively low cost of living, to ensure a reasonably comfortable lifestyle for a single student, as discussed on the Grad Life expense page. Both types of graduate assistant appointments come with a waiver for tuition fees, so the students are only responsible for the student fees.

The University of Florida provides health insurance free of charge to graduate teaching/research/grading assistants and fellows. For additional information on what is known as GatorGrad Care, please visit


For qualifying students, fellowships are available. All applicants will be considered for any of the fellowships for which they qualify; a separate application is not needed. Further information on these possibilities is available from the Graduate Coordinator.