A graduate program as large as ours does require a fair amount of organization and paper work. As a graduate student, you are required to provide the necessary forms on time. They can either be filled out electronically or printed out and then filled out by hand.

  • Summer 2018 Appointment Form
    These appointment forms are required if you receive a teaching or research assistantship. They are not required for fellowship students. Strictly speaking, these forms are not needed for your graduate studies but if they are not turned in in time, you might not receive any payment and your fee waivers will not be granted and you will have to pay tuition for all courses you take.

  • Summer 2018 Registration Form
    Each semester, our program assistant will enroll each graduate student in the proper courses in the university system. The selection of these courses follows a departmental approval process and this form is required to track the approval process.

  • Supervisory Committee and distribution course work approval form (doc)
    The graduate coordinator has to approve each supervisory committee as well as the selection of courses which will count towards the distribution requirement. This form is used to approve both although these are two separate approval processes. Many students will form the committee before they fulfill the distribution requirement. However, the graduate coordinator and the committee members might want to know which courses the student already took and is currently enrolled in to provide additional advice.

  • Committee Meeting Form (Qualifying exam or annual meetings doc)
    The form has to filled out by the chair of the committee. This is typically done during or directly after the meeting.