Students must be registered (for at least 3 credit hours) in the semester they intend to graduate. In the semester before their final one, they should ask the Graduate School to perform a “grad check”. This is a check on their academic record to make sure that all the requirements are in place. They should also check the critical dates as the date for the first submission of a thesis is surprisingly early in the semester. Students should be aware that there are two sets of signatures needed for them to graduate with a Ph.D. One set is traditionally signed at the thesis defense. Usually, there are still corrections to be made to the thesis at this point. There are a second set of signatures that are needed for the thesis itself. At the thesis defense students should make sure that they know when and how they can collect all the signatures, as faculty have a habit of leaving town on short notice.

The Graduate School establishes the rules defining the proper formatting of theses. All issues related to these strict rules may be found at the following links from the graduate school website.