Undergraduate research gives students first hand experience in what real research is like. The enrollment in our undergraduate physics program is at a ten-year high in spite of a national trend to the contrary. There are many reasons for this increased enrollment. The Physics department enforces a uniformly high quality of teaching and advising for our majors.

Degrees Offered

The Department of Physics offers both a Bachelors of Science (BS) and Bachelors of Arts (BA) degree in physics, as well as a physics minor. The BS degree is intended for those students who wish to pursue advanced degrees in physics and related science and engineering disciplines. Every year our best undergraduate physics majors go to the top graduate schools in the country. Visit Degrees for more information.

Transfer Students

All students who want to transfer to UF should read carefully UF Transfer Admission Requirements. The minimum requirements for admission to Physics major are the courses equivalent to PHY2048/2048L (4), PHY2049/2049L (4), CHM 2045/2045L (4), CHM 2046 (4), MAC2311 (4), MAC2312 (4), and MAC2313 (4). Residency Requirement: Transfer students must take a minimum of 15 credit hours of the required Physics courses at University of Florida. We strongly encourage all transfer students to take MAP2302 (Differential Equation) before the first semester at UF.

Undergraduate Activities

Research Experience for Undergraduates Program (REU)
Undergraduate Physics Newsletter
Society of Physics Students

UF Teach

The Department takes part in "UFTeach" a program designed to develop the next generation of Florida's math and science teachers. For more details see http://ufteach.clas.ufl.edu

Senior Thesis Submission and Award

Seniors participating in research within the department are encouraged to submit a senior thesis. This allows seniors with a minimum major gpa to graduate with high or highest honors. In addition, the department offers the Outstanding Undergraduate Senior Thesis Award. Previous theses and award winners are found at http://www.phys.ufl.edu/academics/undergraduate/thesis/.

When submitting a thesis, please download and use cover sheet.


Walk-in tutoring is available through the AT Teaching Center. The Teaching Center is located in SW Broward Hall and offers excellent resources for students needing academic assistance. Their phone number is 392-2010.

Academic Learning Compact

Academic Learning Compacts identify the skills students should acquire if they follow their major's prescribed course of study. These skills, known collectively as Student Learning Outcomes, describe the core learning expectations that UF is required to assess for each baccalaureate degree program.
ALC Home
ALC Physics BA
ALC Physics BS

As explained on the registrar's web site from the two links above, the UF Physics department has created its own field test in Physics. This field test is taken from third party test banks and reviewed by Physics faculty. The questions are multiple choice and included in 5 courses which every Physics major must take in Mechanics, Electromagnetism, Thermal Physics, Quantum Mechanics and Experimental Physics.

When a student graduates the Physics department totals that student's score on each component of the UF Physics field test and computes an overall percentage (number correct/total number of questions). For review of the Physics program we expect the score averaged over all students to be greater than 70%, and an individual student is said to have passed the ALC with a score greater than 50%. Note that one's score on the UF Physics field test does not affect graduation and is only used for review of our program.


Advisor Hours (UF periods) Room Phone Email
Biswas, Amlan T period 7, 8 2255 NPB 392.8592 amlan@phys.ufl.edu
Lee, Yoonseok T, R Period 7 2233 NPB 392.6689 yoonslee@phys.ufl.edu
Hershfield, Selman M W Period 6 2138 NPB 392.9387 selman@phys.ufl.edu
Matcheva, Katia M, R Period 7 2073 NPB 392.0268 katia@phys.ufl.edu
Acosta, Darin W, F Period 9 2035 NPB 846.3144 acosta@phys.ufl.edu

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