CCMS Graduate Fellowships 2018
Congratulations to the four physics graduate students who have been awarded the 2018 CCMS Fellowships, providing full summer support for young graduate students interested in research with the CCMS group. The winners of the 2013 CCMS Fellowships are:

Keegan Gunther, Mentor: Yoonseok Lee
Taylor Miller, Mentor: Steve Hagen
Mainak Pal, Mentor: Peter Hirschfeld
Suzanne Rosenzweig, Mentor: Amlan Biswas

Undegraduate Fellowship program
CCMS will continue our Undegraduate Fellowship program this year. The Center will provide up to $1000 fellowship per semester, not more than $2000 for Fall and Spring semesters to undergraduate students who are enrolled on the Gainesville campus. The student must be working for a member of CCMS and on research related to the activities of the Center. The candidates must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better. Nominations should be made through the Center member who will supervise the proposed research. One page of description of research plan with the student's name and GPA should be provided via e-mail to the Director, Xiaoguang Zhang ( by Sepetember 9 (Friday). The Fellowship decisions will be made within 2 weeks after the deadline.

CCMS Undergraduate Fellowships for 2017-2018 have been awarded to the following students carrying out research under the mentorship of a CCMS faculty member:

Christian Duarte, Mentor: Russ Bowers
Carlos Perez, Mentor: Yoonseok Lee
Rabon Marks, Mentor: Yoonseok Lee
Vesta Zhelyaskova, Mentor: Art Hebard
Rakin Baten, Mentor: James Hamlin
Jake Downing, Mentor: James Hamlin

5 Year Center Report for 2003-2008
     Report (PDF)

CCMS contact Information: 2348 NPB, PO Box 118440, Gainesville, FL 32611-8440