Mission and Areas of Focus for the Center

The Center for Condensed Matter Sciences (CCMS) uses returned overhead to provide research and educational resources to its members.With respect to research, CCMS blends the interdisciplinary nature of several fields into a focused vision. These fields include but are not limited to:

     low temperature physics
     materials science

Scientific expertise is shared and Center Members address outstanding problems. One way that the Center facilitates its unique relationships is through the sponsorship of short, medium, and long-term visitors who have distinguished themselves in more than one discipline.

Teaching and training are also important elements of CCMS. These activities are related to all levels, from high school students and their teachers to undergraduate and graduate students to postdoctoral researchers. Fellowships are given to attract students into the groups performing Center related research. CCMS is in a unique position to accomplish its mission because of the breadth and depth of its membership. Approximately two thirds of the memberships are experimentalists and the remaining are theorists. Four departments on campus (Physics, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, and Materials Science and Engineering) are represented and in addition there are members from the National High Magnetic Field Lab and three foreign universities.

CCMS Proposal Document (1988) PDF