Research Programs

The University of Florida Center for Condensed Matter Sciences Research was established in 1988 with the purpose of enhancing the cross-disciplinary condensed matter research being performed on the campus. One of the primary means of achieving this goal is to support the following programs.

Distinguished Visitors Program
A portion of the Center's annual budget will be dedicated to the support of this Program. Support will be considered for long term (longer than three months), medium term (nominally two to three months), and short term (nominally between one and four weeks) visits. The Visitors are expected to be established researchers in the fields that are of interest to the Center. While on campus, in addition to their research/lecture duties, one or two visitors might be asked to review, in an advisory role, the activities of the Center and to provide an oral and/or written report the Executive Committee.

Nominations from the CCMS membership will be considered at any time, and will be considered as they are submitted. The potential host should provide the necessary background information about the candidate, as well as an outline of the potential research/lecture activities that will be performed during the visit. Since the funds for the program are limited, the potential host should also provide a list of any other sources of support that have been granted or are pending. Materials should be submitted to the Director not less than two to three months prior to the date when a decision is required.

CCMS Graduate Fellowship
The Center for Condensed Matter Sciences offers graduate fellowships to 1st year students, who have passed their preliminary exams and are in a good academic standing, to jumpstart their graduate research. The fellowship covers the full costs (tuition, stipend, and insurance) for the summer of the 1st year. Nominations are made by the CCMS member who will mentor the candidate. A supporting letter from the adviser and a one-page research plan from the candidate should be submitted to the Director of CCMS ( no later than the announced deadline.

Undergraduate Research Fellowships
The Center provides $2000 fellowships (per student per year) to undergraduate students who are enrolled in the Gainesville campus. The student must be working for a member of CCMS and on research related to the activities of the Center. The candidates must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better.

Nominations are made through the Center member who will supervise the proposed research. The necessary materials should be sent to the Director by the announced deadline.