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How can I obtain computer related assistance?


Contact us using our online support form


Have a problem? Contact us via our online support form, located on the top navigation menu. You can also click here to submit a form. Please be sure to include a valid e-mail address so that we can respond to your questions or troubleshooting issues. We'll respond to your request or question as soon as possible!


Visit our Offices


If you need help with your computer, drop by one of our offices. Computer Support can be obtained by visiting one of the following locations:

    Computer Support Center Technician: Adam Lishawa
    • Room: 2121 NPB

    • Phone: (352) 846-3134

    Senior Systems Programmer: David Hansen
    • Room: 2148 NPB

    • Phone: (352) 392-4028

    Director of Computing: Clinton Collins
    • Room: 2253 NPB

    • Phone: (352) 392-8083


How can I obtain access to Physics Department software?


If you're looking for a particular piece of software, please visit our Software section in the main navigation menu, or click here. Many programs that our department utilizes are Free and/or Open Source Software, often referred to on this site as FOSS. For a full listing of programs that classify as FOSS, please visit the software section, or consider submitting a support form with your requests and questions.

Java-Based SSH Portal

SSH Login

JAVA Required: The portal takes a moment to load after being activated.

Contact Information

Department of Physics

Computer Support Center

New Physics Building - Room 2121

Gainesville, FL 32611-8440

Phone: (352) 846-3134



    Bryan Allen, UF Physics Dept.


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