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Welcome to the Physics Computer Support Center


Welcome to the Online Computer Support Center of the Physics Department at the University of Florida. This site replaces the previous documentation and provides the most current information on computer policies, software available, online support forms, and FAQs.


Due to the nature of this site, updates and revisions will occur as often as necessary. New information is continuously added as we seek to better educate our department members about the computing and software resources available to them. You can submit a support question, troubleshooting issue, or content suggestions via the Contact Us link above. If you need additional assistance, please choose the Support Information topic on the left entitled, "How can I get support".

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Contact Information

Department of Physics

Computer Support Center

New Physics Building - Room 2121

Gainesville, FL 32611-8440

Phone: (352) 846-3134



    Bryan Allen, UF Physics Dept.


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