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Add/Modify a Computer on the Physics Network


In order to register your computer in our DHCP Table (and thereby gain Internet/Network Access), you will need to provide us with the following information. If you are modifying an existing entry, please leave detailed information on the reason for this update (new network card, faulty hardware, etc.) in the "Other Information" box at the bottom of the form. We will contact you once your request has been completed. If you have any questions, please drop by room 2121, 2148, or 2253.

If you are a member of QTP, please click here, instead.

Note that this form is for wired connections only. Campus wireless is available throughout the building (network name of 'eduroam') and requires a GatorLink login (any website you attempt to visit will bring up the login page until you are logged in). If you are a visitor and do not have a GatorLink account, please contact one of the program assistants to have a temporary (2-week) GatorLink account created. Or use the ufvisitor wireless network.


Full Name:


E-mail Address:


Are you a Visitor or Guest?: Yes    No

Whom are you visiting?:


Office Number (Not the telephone number.):


Wall-Jack Number:

(Look for a label on the wall, example: 2121-1A)


Type of DHCP Request:

New Request    Modification/Removal


Duration of DHCP Request:

Permanent (Choose "Perm." in the Termination Date fields below.)

Temporary (Select your Termination Date below.)


Termination Date for Temporary Access:

Month: (Choose "Perm." if you selected Permanent for your Duration above.)

Day:     (Choose "Perm." if you selected Permanent for your Duration above.)

Year:    (Choose "Perm." if you selected Permanent for your Duration above.)


Computer Type: Desktop   Portable


Computer Name:

Not all computer name requests can be honored. Portable machines are normally assigned names in the format of physicsp${username}.


Operating System: Choose both your OS & VERSION.




Linux Distribution:

Distribution Version:

Other Distribution (If Other was chosen above):





Network Card #1 (Required)


MAC Address #1: :::::


Network Card #2 (Optional)

None    Wired

MAC Address #2: :::::


How do I find my MAC Address(es)?

Windows NT/2000/XP Machine

Click on Start, Run, and type "cmd".

In the DOS window that opens, type "ipconfig /all" and look for the Physical Address.


Windows 95/98/ME Machine

Click on Start, Run, and type "winipcfg".

Switch to your Network Card, and the Physical Address will be shown.



Open a Terminal Window

Type "ifconfig -a" and look for the Ether Address. (Typically, en0 will be your wired NIC and en1 will be your wireless NIC)


Other Information (Optional):


Java-Based SSH Portal

SSH Login

JAVA Required: The portal takes a moment to load after being activated.

Contact Information

Department of Physics

Computer Support Center

New Physics Building - Room 2121

Gainesville, FL 32611-8440

Phone: (352) 846-3134



    Bryan Allen, UF Physics Dept.


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July 31st, 2006 - 3:05pm

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