PHY 2020



  • 3 Tests: 60%
  • Clicker Questions: 10%
  • Final Exam:30%

There are a maximum total possible 100 points.
  • Tests: There are 3 in-class tests during the semester, each of which is scaled to 20 points. There is a 4th exam (the 'freebie') given in class the last day of class. This last exam is like a practice final, and is used as a makeup for students who missed a test or for students who want to try to improve one of their test scores.

  • Final Exam: There is a two hour final exam, worth 30 points, given during the final test time assigned by the registrar.

    That gives 90 points from tests, that is 90% of the grade is in tests. All exams will be in longhand format - not multiple choice. This allows me to assign partial credit for work towards an answer, and thus allows you to better judge your understanding of how to solve a particular type of problem. Essential formulae will be supplied for the tests. In addition, you may have one (1) formula sheet for each of the 3 in-semester tests. You're welcome to put whatever you want on those sheets - formula, example problems, your grocery list. Save your sheets, you may use all three for the 'freebie' and for the final. All tests are closed book.

  • In-class Clicker Questions Use of the H-ITT clickers is worth 10% of the grade. Each question is worth 2 points for a correct answer and 1 point for a wrong answer. Your lowest 25% responses are dropped. Giving your H-ITT clicker to someone else is considered cheating!

The following is the guaranteed grading scale:
80% for an "A", 75% for an "A-"
70% "B+", 65% for a "B", 60% for a "B-"
55% for a "C+" 50% for a "C", 45% for a "C-"
40% for a "D+", 35% for a "D", 30% for a "D-"
Below 30% is an "E".

Old tests from Prof. Ray:  Exam 1, Exam 2, Exam 3, Makeup Exam

** Please note, the following are NOT old exams giving by Prof. Ray!
Old tests with solutions can be found here:   Test 1 (2008), Test1 (2009), Test 1 (2011), Test3 (2009), Test3 (2011)