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Introduction to the Principle of Physics - Spring 2014, Section 3690, Exam group 1B

Lectures: MWF 1:55-2:45 (period 7) in NPB 1002
(NPB is the "New Physics Building")

Instructor: Steven Detweiler; NPB 2174; Email: det@ufl.edu

Office hours:
   Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday  3:00 3:50pm
   Please do not drop by before class on Mon, Wed, Fri. That is when I am going over my lecture notes.

The final exam makes up a significant portion of your final grade. It will be given on Thursday, May 1, from 10:00am to 12:00 in our classroom.

Textbook: The Ideas of Physics, Third Edition by Douglas C. Giancoli.
The textbook is required, has been unchanged for several years, and can be found with a variety of different formats. There are many copies available second hand in auction sites and online booksellers. The book should not cost you a lot of money - $20 should buy a decent copy.

You are required to obtain a H-ITT clicker for use as a student response system. These may be found in the Bookstore.
Please follow the link for information about obtaining and registering your H-ITT clicker: HITT Registration


Announcements will be posted here during the semester. Please refer to this web-page regularly.

The formula sheet for the test on Wednesday, April 16, is now posted at

Formulae for Test 3 (with a correction).

Here are some notes that I made for the part 3 exam.

Note that daily reading assignments and the solutions to relevant homework problems are given on the homework web-page. Follow the Homework link above, on the left.

You are expected to do the reading assignments before coming to class. Suggested homework problems are given, along with their solutions. It is best if you first do the reading, then solve the problems, and then check your answers against the solutions. If you keep up with the reading and homework problems then you should be successful in this class.