PHY 2048 - Physics I with Calculus - FALL 2010


Date Announcement
 12.15.10 Final scores are posted. The item called "Total" consists of (E1+E2+E3+Final)*0.75 + H-ITT + HW + Quizzes and has a maximum of 100%. Grades were then assigned accordingly.
Mistakes (ours, not yours), can be rectified. If you see something that does not make sense, e-mail
 12.13.10 H-ITT final scores (out of 5) are on e-learning
HW final scores (out of 15) are on e-learning
Quizzes final scores (out of 20) are on e-learning
Final exam answers are on e-learning
The tension is mounting....
 12.11.10 H-ITT final scores (out of 5) are on e-learning
HW final scores (out of 15) are on e-learning
Quizzes have not all been graded by the TAs yet (they have finals too!), do not expect them till Monday night at the earliest.
Final score, and overall grades should not be expected till Wednesday
 12.07.10 Exam 3 scores, correct answers and solutions are available on e-learning.
 12.02.10 The last lecture (Wednesday 8th December) will comprise
a) Comments about exam 3 (which will be handed back)
b) Comments about the final
H-ITT clicker quizzes (easy!)
Student Evaluations.
 12.1.10 Room assignments for the FINAL, 10 a.m. on Saturday
A-D in room CSE A101
E-K in room WEI 270 This is WEIL Hall
L-Q in room MCCC 100
R-Z in room TUR L007
sorry to keep changing rooms for each exam - we don't like it either...
 11.04.10 Room assignments for the third test on MONDAY 12/6 at 8.20 p.m.
A-D in room CLB C130 (Chemistry)
E-K in room CSE A101 (Computer Science and Engineering)
L-Q in room MCCC 100 (this is MCCARTY C)
R-Z in room WEIM 1064 (this is WEIMER)
 10.26.10 Second exam score now available on e-learning! For an explanation of all the info there, see here
 10.12.10 Room assignments for the second test 10/26 at 8.20 p.m.
A-L in room CAR 100
M-R in room TUR L007
S-Z in room NPB 1001
 10.12.10 Because of Homecoming, we are delaying the due date of Homework 8 till Monday evening (10/18). In addition, quizzes on Monday 10/18 will be based on the first part of Chapter 10 (covered in lecture on 10/13).
 09.30.10 The average score on the first test was 13/20. Individual scores are available on e-learning. Under e-learning (Resources) you can see the master exam (first answer is correct) together with short solutions. You can get your question sheets back during class on Friday 10/1. If, then, you still do not believe your score, e-mail
 09.09.10 All those who have registered their H-ITT clickers should have had a mail message today concerning their scores. If you did not receive one, please check your spam filter. There are still some people who have not registered their clickers.
 09.06.10 Room assignments are now available for the first exam (Tuesday, 9/28). They are by the first letter of your last name. Please look in advance at where the room is, so you are not wandering around campus looking for it!
A-L in room CAR100
M-O in room NEB100
P-Z in room NRN137
 08.26.10 Note about Thanksgiving. There will be class as usual on both Monday and Wednesday of Thanksgiving week. As it is understood some students might want to leave on Wednesday, there will be no H-ITT scores on the Wednesday class. In addition, the one discussion quiz scheduled for the Wednesday before Thanksgiving will be postponed to the next week. Quizzes will be held on Monday and Tuesday discussion periods, 11/22 and 11/23 and traveling home is not a valid excuse.
 08.01.10 Classes begin August 23rd. Some sections have a discussion that day - all sections have an important first lecture!
 8.1.10 Quick Links: Here are some important links for PHY 2048 Fall 2010.
  • Course schedule PDF version.
  • Overall grade formula (PDF).
  • Tutorial on how to register and use WileyPLUS (PDF)(note that this is for a previous version of the class - do not take all the numbers literally - use the link below to enter WileyPlus).
  • After you have bought the WileyPlus registration (see "Textbook"), you can visit the.. WileyPLUS on-line homework.
  • PHY 2048 E-Learning WEBsite.
  • Use the "Sakai System Entry" button (Note that we are not using e-learning for posting the syllabus and schedule - this website should be considered the primary site for information).
  • Register your H-ITT remote here.
  • PHY 2048 E-mail should be sent to