PHY 2048 - Physics I with Calculus - Fall 2013

Homework Assignments

The homework problems in the WileyPlus system are due weekly on Sunday at 6:00pm. All WileyPlus homework must be completed by the due time on the due date. No exceptions allowed. The due dates for specific chapters are indicated on the schedule page, and the problems are listed below. Since the WileyPlus server might have problems occasionally, be sure to start the assignments early and turn in answers steadily, rather than all on the last day. Answers can be entered individually.

Most answers are numerical, and need to be within a certain tolerance (currently set to 2%) of the correct answer. You get instant feedback as to whether the answer is correct or not. You usually have up to 5 attempts to get the correct answer.

After the homework is assignment is due, the solutions become available. Please take advantage of this to review the homework, especially so if you failed to solve any of the assigned problems. This will help prepare you for discussion section quizzes on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and for the exams.

Advice: Homework is a rewarding activity for those who work at it. We encourage students to talk to one another about the problems, but you must get the answers for your own problems yourself. It is extremely important to work out how an answer was obtained, because that is the key for doing well on the quizzes and exams.

Homework Problems
Trial HW (Ch. 1) Ch. 1: P1, P10, P24, P39, P53
HW1 (Ch. 1-3) Ch. 1: P5, P27;     Ch. 2: P4, P7, P15, P20, P59, P69;     Ch. 3: P16, P34
HW2 (Ch. 4) Ch. 4: P2, P8, P17, P22, P28, P30, P38, P49, P67, P80
HW3 (Ch. 5.1-6.3) Ch. 5: P5, P7, P27, P33, P50, P51, P57, P67;     Ch. 6: P5, P29
HW4 (Ch. 6.4-7.7) Ch. 6: P43, P49, P51, P57;     Ch. 7: P8, P13, P16, P22, P25, P32
HW5 (Ch. 7.8-8.6) Ch. 7: P37, P42, P43, P49;     Ch. 8: P8, P23, P27, P29, P38, P41
HW6 (Ch. 8.7-9.8) Ch. 8: P44, P48, P53, P57;     Ch. 9: P6, P13, P17, P21, P30, P44
HW7 (Ch. 9.9-10.7) Ch. 9: P52, P58, P63, P68, P74;     Ch. 10: P4, P16, P29, P34, P39
HW8 (Ch. 10.8-11.8) Ch. 10: P46, P51, P56, P66;     Ch. 11: P3, P9, P15, P23, P29, P35
HW9 (Ch. 11.9-12.7) Ch. 11: P42, P50, P61, P69;     Ch. 12: P10, P21, P25, P28, P37, P49
HW10 (Ch. 13) Ch. 13: P10, P13, P16, P21, P26, P39, P45, P48, P54, P66
HW11 (Ch. 14) Ch. 14: P4, P6, P9, P20, P29, P31, P35, P54, P64, P71
HW12 (Ch. 15.1-15.6) Ch. 15: P3, P16, P25, P30, P34, P36, P38, P41, P47, P53
HW13 (Ch. 15.7-16.8; 17.1-4; 17.6) Ch. 15: P57, P63;     Ch. 16: P2, P12, P21, P26;     Ch. 17: P7, P12, P25, P35