PHY 2048 - Physics I with Calculus - SPRING 2008



Date Announcement
 4/22/08 PHY 2048 Review will be in Wednesday's (4/23) class.
 4/22/08 The Final Exam will be Saturday Apr. 26, 12:30 2:30 PM. You MUST go to the room assigned below. Bring a picture ID. (wrong room and you will lose the transit time of getting to the right room! Please go to the appropriate classroom according to the first letter of your last name as listed here
 4/21/08 Some review notes and quick questions for the final are posted here
 4/17/08 Exam 3 will cover chapters 12 - 16.6 inclusive.

 4/16/08 During class on Friday April 18 we will do the teacher evaluations. Also, you will be asked 4 HITT questions about the organization and quality of the course. There will be no wrong answers and you will get one point for each question you answer. Hence, if you come to class on Friday and do the teacher evaluations and answer the 4 HITT questions you will get 4 HITT points.

 4/14/08 Exam 3 will be held Friday Apr. 18, Periods E2-E3 (8:20 10:10 PM). You MUST go to the room assigned. Bring a picture ID. (wrong room and you will lose the transit time of getting to the right room!) Please go to the appropriate classroom according to the first letter of your last name as listed here

 3/15/08 Exam 2 will be held periods E2-E3 Wednesday evening, Mar. 19. It will cover chapters 7-11 of HRW. Please go to the appropriate classroom according to the first letter of your last name as listed here . There will be a pre-exam review Monday, Mar. 17 periods 11-E1 in room 1001 NPB (Prof. Rinzler).

 3/3/08 Practice Exam 2 is now posted on WileyPlus to help you get ready for Exam 2. The exam is scheduled for March 19th (periods E2-E3), which falls on the Wednesday of the week following Spring Break.

 2/5/08 Exam 1 is now posted in the 'Class Section Documents' area of WileyPLUS. The first answer in the posted exam is correct.

 1/28/08 The Monday, February 4th PHY2048 exam (periods E2-E3) will NOT be given in the Physics building but rather spread out through rooms across campus. To see where you must go (with a map to the buildings) click here. Last semester's exam 1 is posted in the Announcements Section of the WileyPLUS system.

 1/22/08 The Course Schedule is now updated to show the dates, place and times of pre-exam reviews.

 1/18/08 Wiley claims to have fixed the bugs which affected the WileyPlus system described in previous announcements. They apologize for the frustration and loss of time you have endured, and have therefore agreed to our proposal that you be compensated for finding future bugs, which should be reported to Details are posted on WileyPlus website. PLEASE do not email until you are SURE you have found a genuine bug and not simply done the problem wrong. More than two "false alarm" bug reports will render you ineligible for compensation.

 1/15/08 We have been alerted that problem 3-9 suffers from the same bug that affected problems 1-7, 1-45 & 2-14, also problem 3-33b has a new issue. It allows no tolerance for your answer to differ from the systems answer. Sometimes, when answers are whole numbers this is appropriate, in this case it is not and rounding even in the 7 or 8th decimal place can give a response of incorrect. In the event that a fix is found by 5PM on Friday we will leave these problems as assigned, but please do not attempt them on the system before then. If a fix is not found an announcement will appear here and credit will be awarded to all for these problems (leaving them as fair game for quizzes). We are hammering on Wiley for resolution to these issues.

 1/14/08 Problems 1-7, 1-45 and 2-14 of the latest homework assignment had input entry bugs that prevented many from getting credit for those problems. All who attempted the homework will receive credit for those problems (note that solutions to the problems were posted so they are fair game for quizzes this week). Wiley is aware of the issue and is working to avoid it in the future. However, they have been working on it since Wednesday so the issue is apparently not simple. Fortunately, the behavior is quite specific so you will be able to tell if a problem has the bug, to not waste time with a malfunctioning problem. If upon entry of your answers the counter at the bottom of the page that tells you how many attempts you have left does not update, then the problem has the issue. To not lose credit for a problem that is actually working correctly be certain the problem exhibits this behavior and then move onto the next problem. Sorry for the inconvenience.

 1/9/08 We do not have the resources to answer homework content related questions by e-mail (in a class this size, if we tried to that's all we'd have time for, at the expense of eating and sleeping). Please do not e-mail homework content related questions. They will not be answered. The appropriate venue for those is in class, discussion section and office hours. Please do alert us if technical issues come up with use of the system.

 1/9/08 The first HITT question that counts toward your grade will be on Friday, January 11
(2 questions from the 2048 course syllabus and home page).

 1/3/08 Class meets 1st on Jan. 7 2nd and 3rd periods.  Watch this space for further announcements.

 1/3/08 You must go to your assigned period to receive the HITT credit (see HITT page).