PHY 2048 - Physics I with Calculus - Spring 2013


9 May 2013

Attention: The final exam problem No.7 was missing word "elastically". Without this word in the problem, the right answer is "can't tell from information given" (rather than "20 m/s" which was keyed as the correct answer and which is the correct answer for an elastic collision). If you answered "can't tell from information given", your final exam score will get an extra point with respect to what has been posted. If you answered "20 m/s", your score will not be reduced. As the result, forty-four students will see their grades going up by one notch. It will take some time before you will see the change on ISIS.

2 May 2013

Attention students from sections 6542, 6839, and 14H6: The previous post of your final course scores did not include the last quiz which was posted on e-learning only recently. As of today 1:00 PM, all scores posted on e-learning are up to date. Apologies for the confusion.

1 May 2013

Final course scores are posted on e-learning. Consult the course syllabus to translate your score to the letter grade you earned.

30 April 2013

Final exam scores are posted on e-learning. The answer key for the problems can be found here.

27 April 2013

The following HITT clickers have not been properly registered.
Owners of these clickers must email ASAP, if you want to get your HITT points counted toward your final grade.

23 April 2013

Final Exam: Saturday 27 April, 12:30 - 2:20 PM. Exam seating assignments:
A - La    CAR 100
Lb - Ra   NPB 1001
Rb - Su   BRY 130
Sv - We   MAE A303
Wf - Z    MCCB GO86

17 April 2013

The make-up for the missed exams will be held on Thursday April 25 at 9:00 am in NPB. The room is yet to be confirmed. You should have an explicit permission from Prof. Sabin for taking the makeup exam.

9 April 2013

We have seen a few cases when WileyPlus has had difficulties with parsing HW problem answers in symbolic notations (SN). Therefore, we give the full credit for all assigned SN problems (two in HW5 and two in HW6). Your HW scores on the WileyPlus system have been updated.

2 April 2013

Exam 2 scores have been posted on e-learning.

27 March 2013

Answer keys for Exam 2 (and Exam 1) are available here.

21 March 2013

BEWARE: A few weeks ago, WileyPlus system has been updated with the new version of software, which apparently has a bug. If you print out homework problems ahead, you may find that numbers in the printed version are not the same as in the version asked for when later you log back in to enter your answers. We do not know if this happens often or not. One of our TAs has just encountered this problem and it has been confirmed by WileyPlus that they were already aware of this "printing out" issue, but probably would not be able to fix it before May. Please beware and check whether the problem numbers you see on the screen when you enter your answers match to the numbers in the earlier printed version that you used to work out these answers.

21 March 2013

A voluntary review session for Exam 2 will be held on Sunday, 3:00-5:00 pm, at NPB1001.

21 March 2013

Room assignments for Exam 2 are done by the first letter(s) of your last names:
A -- La    Carleton 100                            
Lb -- Ra   NPB 1001                                           
Rb -- We   Turlington L007                                
Wf -- Z    Fla. Gym 210           

11 March 2013

If you have problems with submitting homework answers, the likely cause of the problem and the problem solution are here

12 February 2013

Your exam scores have been posted on the e-learning.
Our apologies to four students with last name Garcia: in the first attempt to upload exam grades, they did not line up properly for these four students. As of Feb 12, 9:30 PM, the scores are now properly assigned.

28 January 2013

Room assignments for Exam 1 are done by the first letter(s) of your last names:
A -- Eh		NORMAN 137 
Ek -- Ker	CLB C130 
Kes -- Nod	WEIMER 1064 
Noe -- Sl	MCCARTY C 100 
Sm -- Z		CSE A101 

23 January 2013

Today you should have received an email with your trial HITT quiz scores. If you have not received the message, you either have not registered your HITT clicker or provided an invalid email address. You need to fix your HITT registration ASAP. The points appearing in the message from quizzes administered on Wed Jan 16, Fri Jan 18, Wed Jan 23 will not be counted toward your final HITT score. Beginning this Friday, Jan 25, the HITT responses will be counted toward your final grade (HITT quizzes will allow you to earn as many as 5 bonus points---see syllabus for details).

7 January 2013

Welcome to PHY2048! Physics is a lot of fun and we hope you will enjoy the course. This opening web page will have all current announcements. Please make sure to check it periodically, especially if you have happen to miss a lecture.

The discussion sessions will start next week, from Monday Jan 14.