PHY 2048 - Physics 1 with Calculus - Spring 2014

Suggested Additional Problems

The end of chapter questions and problems, including the ones in WileyPlus, are extremely useful for testing your comprehension of the material. In other words, you will not understand physics if you can't solve these types of problems. Our experience is that a strategy of keeping up-to-date with the reading and working these problems, even when some require extra effort, is extremely effective for preparing for the examinations. Conversely, a pattern of falling behind followed by last-minute cramming is ineffective and leads to needless stress.

Should you have troubles in solving any of the problems, you should not hesitate in seeking help from your friends, your TA, or your instructors. The Teaching Center provides excellent physics tutoring services, as do the students of Tau Beta Pi.

Each of these problems has solutions in the Student Solutions Manual, which is available on the WileyPlus web site.