PHY 2048 - Physics 1 with Calculus - Spring 2016

Office Hours and Tutoring


Feel free to come to any of the listed office hours. Try any of us and see whose teaching style works for you the best. If you have enough questions, come to as many office hours as your schedule permits.

Please check this page regularly as office hours are subject to change. Initials in the Table refer to the instructor names below.

Period (time) Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
2 (8:30am-9:20am)
3 (9:35am-10:25am) MI DJ DJ
4 (10:40am-11:30am) MI JT JT
5 (11:45am-12:35pm)
6 (12:50pm-1:40pm) KM AC
7 (1:55pm-2:45pm) KM AC AR
8 (3:00pm-3:50pm) DA AM OH DA, ST
9 (4:05pm-4:55pm) AM OH ST
10 (5:10pm-6:00pm) AR
11 (6:15pm-7:05pm)


All rooms are located in the New Physics Building.

Prof. Darin Acosta DA 2035
Prof. Katia Matcheva KM 2073
Prof. Andrew Rinzler AR 2251
Andrew Carnes AC 2040
Omer Haq OH 1224
Muhammad Imran MI 2151
Daniel Jackson
DJ B-53
Andrew Miller AM 1228
Sunil Thapa ST 2109
Jonathan Thompson
JT 2062


Broward Hall Teaching Center

Tau Beta Pi (Engineering Honor Society)