PHY 2048 - Physics 1 with Calculus - Spring 2017


Exam questions will be taken from a number of sources, including, but not limited to, the textbook, assigned problems, lectures, and past exams. The exam format is multiple-choice using ScanTron sheets. The answer which you bubble in on the ScanTron is the one we grade. If you make an error bubbling in an answer and miss a question, then you do not receive credit for the question. On the other hand, if you guess a question and get it correct even though you did not know how to do the problem, then you get credit for the problem. Each exam has 20 questions and is worth 25 points (0 or 1.25 points per problem). The mid-term exams are 1 h 50 min, the final --- 2 hours.

Material you must bring to the exam is as follows: Your UF ID, pencil(s), pencil sharpener, calculator. The calculator should have, for instance, sines and cosines of angles, however it must not have any possibility for communication (e.g. you cannot use a cell-phone as a calculator). Vital formulae will be given to you on the exam sheet.

An example of how to properly find and record the exam code on your Scantron answer sheet is here.


Discussion section quizzes will be based on (but not identical to) the assigned homework problems due on Monday before the discussion section. Each quiz will have one (typically multi-part) problem, which will be hand graded on a 10-point scale, with a 1-point step for partial credit. The quizzes are 10-15 min long.

Material you must bring for quizzes is as follows: pencil(s), pencil sharpener, calculator, a few blank scrap paper sheets. The quizzes are completely closed-book.