PHY 2048 - Physics I with Calculus - SUMMER 2011


Date Announcement
 08.06.11 The final exam, HITT, quiz, and homework grades have been posted to e-learning.
 08.02.11 The final HITT scores have been posted to e-learning. Please check to make sure the individual scores are accurate by Friday.

The final exam will take place on Friday, August 5th at 11am (during the regular class time). The exam will have the same format as the previous exams except you will be allowed up to three (3) formula sheets. The exam will cover chapters 1 through 17 but will not include the sections that were not covered in class.
 07.28.11 Exam 3 scores have been posted.
Problem 2 did not have the correct answer as a choice and so everyone was credited this problem as correct.
Problem 3 seems to have generated some confusion so everyone was credited an extra point for this problem. It will be discussed in class on Friday.
The class average was 9.7/15.

The class evaluations are to be done online. Please complete the online course evaluation by July 31st:
 07.08.11 Exam 2 scores have been posted to e-learning. The average was 8.4/15.
 06.27.11 Exam 2 will take place Friday, July 1st during classtime. The exam will cover chapter 7 through chapter 10, section 7. Bring with you a pencil, calculator, and ID; you may bring one (1) handwritten formula sheet.
 06.06.11 Exam 1 scores have been posted to e-learning. The average score on the exam was 7.5/15, which corresponds to a "C/C-" grade. This is not an atypical average for a physics exam. However, due to the difficultly of several of the questions, each score has been credited plus 2 points. This credit is reflected in your posted scores.
 06.04.11 Exam 1 and solutions have been posted to e-learning in the "Resources" tab. Grades will be posted to e-learning Monday after class.
 05.26.11 Exam 1 will be held in class on Friday, June 3rd. The exam will cover chapter 1 through chapter 6. You need only a pencil and a calculator (no devices with internet) and are allowed one (1) handwritten formula sheet. Scratch paper will be provided.
 05.06.11 Classes begin May 9th. There will not be discussion sections the first week; they will start on May 17.
 05.06.11 Quick Links: Here are some important links for PHY 2048 Summer 2011.
  • Course schedule PDF version.
  • Overall grade formula (PDF).
  • Tutorial on how to register and use WileyPLUS (PDF)(note that this is for a previous version of the class - do not take all the numbers literally - use the link below to enter WileyPlus).
  • After you have bought the WileyPlus registration (see "Textbook"), you can visit the.. WileyPLUS on-line homework.
  • PHY 2048 E-Learning WEBsite.
  • Use the "Sakai System Entry" button (Note that we are not using e-learning for posting the syllabus and schedule - this website should be considered the primary site for information).
  • Register your H-ITT remote here.
  • PHY 2048 E-mail should be sent to
  • See lots of old exams here.