PHY 2048 - Physics I with Calculus - Summer 2014


In class H-ITT questions (student response system) will be used throughout the semester primarily as a tool to help the instructors assess the class's overall understanding of the current lecture as well as for the students to assess their own understanding.

The H-ITT questions are not a required component of your course grade, i.e. the exams, homeworks and quizzes account for 100%, however you may be able to obtain up to an additional 5 bonus percentages based on your performance on the H-ITT questions. H-ITT questions/responses will be officially recorded starting Wednseday, May 24, however, you are encouraged to obtain your remotes as soon as possible, since there will be practice questions during the first two weeks of the semester to help you become familiar with the system.

You should each purchase the H-ITT remote transmitter associated with the in-class student response system (the same system is also used by chemistry so you may already have the remote). This transmitter will let you respond to questions posed during class. Your response will be recorded. A correct response will get you 2 points while any (incorrect) response will receive 1 point. (Note that UF used to use "Turning Point" clickers - they are a different system and do not work in the physics building).

To get the H-ITT credit you must register on the system. To register visit at your earliest opportunity and follow the instructions on that page. It is your responsibility to ensure that your remote is functioning properly and that you are sending on the correct channel (see the H-ITT web site for instructions on setting the remote channel). It is recommended that you set the channel at the start of each lecture. Lights on the remote will indicate that your answer has been recorded on the system. To provide a measure of forgiveness for occasional technical problems with the H-ITT transmitter, the H-ITT score will be scaled up by 20% when evaluating your overall course grade. Your final H-ITT score will be calculated as follows:

Your Final H-ITT Grade
H-ITTYour Total Points
H-ITTFinal =
x 5%
H-ITTTotal Possible Points x 0.8
For example, if you obtain 80 out 100 possible total HITT points then you will receive full credit for the HITT component. You cannot receive more that full credit.

The local expert on the HITT transmitters is John Mocko (who comes at the beginning and end of class to put out the demonstrations and cleans the blackboard). He is the best person to ask questions about whether your transmitter is working or not.

Setting your Remote to the correct frequency for NPB 1001

Perform the following operation everytime you come to class to ensure that the H-ITT remote is set to the proper frequency:
  1. Press & Hold "down arrow" until light turns red.
  2. Press "0" until light flashes green
  3. Press "7" until light flashes green
  4. Press "down arrow" until light blinks green.
  5. Done!