PHY 2048 - Physics I with Calculus - Summer 2014

ON-LINE GRADED HOMEWORK (due by 10:00pm on the Sunday of each week)

Starting the first week, you will have homework that must be submitted online by 10:00pm on Sunday evening. (Note that you are encouraged to work and submit the homework well before the time it is due so you can get help when you need it).

Before registering on WileyPlus make sure you have read the "Textbook" section (see left pane) and obtained the access code through one of the methods explained there. Have your access code ready when you first access the site. Your initial access to the online homework system depends on when you registered for the course as described below.

When you first go to the URL (see below): before doing anything click the "Browser Check" link on the right pane. This will check to see that your browser is configured properly to use the system, and if it is not guide you through the steps to do so.

Remember - have your access code alread in hand before doing the next step!
To register on WileyPLUS: go to and click Register and follow the instructions there. To properly get credit for your efforts you must enter the following "Student Profile" information correctly:

  • First Name: Your first name as it appears on the Registrars list for PHY2048.
  • Last Name: Your last name (i.e. family name) as it appears on the Registrars list for PHY2048.
  • E-mail: Your Gatorlink E-mail address (i.e. NOT your
  • Note you must correctly enter your Gatorlink E-mail address

Do not delay in logging-on/registering on the system. Not getting your homework in because you waited to the last minute and had trouble registering will not excuse you from the resulting zero on the homework assignment. Note that the first online homework set is due Sunday, May 18th. The Course Schedule page gives the assigned problems and due dates. Once the due date/time has passed no further input of answers for credit will be accepted. It is your responsibility to get your homework in on time. Last minute computer/local server problems will not excuse you from this responsibility.

The on-line homework portion of the course will count for 20% of the overall course grade.Your score for each homework assignment is tired up with your performance on the corresponding follow-up quiz on the materials.  To provide a measure of forgiveness for illnesses and possible network problems, the HW score will be scaled up by 10% when evaluating your overall course grade. Your final HW score will be calculated as follows:

Your Final Homework Grade
HWYour Total Points
HWFinal =
x 20%
HWTotal Possible Points x 0.9
For example, if you obtain 90 out 100 possible total HW points then you will receive full credit for the HW component. You cannot receive more than full credit.

To get an advance look at the homework problems (they are in the book but with different numerical values), see the Course Schedule page.