PHY 2049 - Physics 2 with Calculus - Fall 2013

WileyPlus and H-ITT Registration

You must register on both systems to get credit for your in class (H-ITT) responses and to use the WileyPlus online homework system.


There are two options now to record answers for in class questions using the H-ITT system. The traditional, and recommended, way is to purchase a supported remote "clicker" device. The other new approach is to enter your answer via a web browser on any smart device with an internet connection, provided you purchase a subscription to "SoftClick". More information is here.

When you respond to a question during class, you will see your remote ID number appear on the screen. The computer will store the response under the remote ID number, but it is up to you to tell us that is your remote ID by registering at

Once you are registered you will receive e-mails from us approximately once a week indicating your H-ITT scores. The H-ITT responses during the first week of classes are for practice and do not count. Starting on Wednesday Aug.28, the responses will count for extra credit. The RF channel number for the class is "07".

If you are using "Softclick" to enter your responses, the two word random code you will also need will be provided on the screen projecting the H-ITT responses.


The WileyPlus online homework system is accessed at

Click the Browser Check link on the right pane. This will check to see that your browser is configured properly to use the system (cookies and pop-ups, in particular), and if it is not guide you through the steps to do so.

This semester we are allowing self-registration in the Wiley Plus system, as was done for PHY2048 in the Spring. Go to the web site above, click Register, and use your UF email address for E-mail and your UF-ID (8 digit number) for your Student ID. You will need an access code to start using the system.

Note that if you are not buying the bundled textbook and access code from a local bookstore, use the link here for UF pricing.

Do not delay logging-on/registering on the system. Not getting your homework in because you waited to the last minute and had trouble registering will not excuse you from the resulting zero on the homework assignment.