PHY 2049 - Physics 2 with Calculus - Fall 2013


(Pay close attention or it will cost you more than necessary)

The textbook is Fundamentals of Physics, 9/e Vol. 2 by Halliday, Resnick & Walker with Wiley Plus (required). There are two options for purchasing the textbook/WileyPLUS access code:

1. Purchase Halliday Resnick and Walker Fundamentals of Physics 9/e, Volume 2 with Wiley Plus at a local book store. Make sure it says "with WileyPLUS" The ISBN number for this set, bundled with the homework system access, is 9780470900925. This bundle of the text and WileyPLUS is unique to the University of Florida. If you purchase the textbook elsewhere it will not come with the access code, the book is likely to be considerably more expensive AND you have to pay for the access code separately. DO NOT THROW OUT THE CARD THAT IS PACKAGED WITH THE BOOK. IT CONTAINS THE CODE THAT YOU WILL NEED TO ACCESS THE ONLINE HOMEWORK. IF YOU THROW THIS OUT YOU WILL HAVE TO PURCHASE A NEW ACCESS CODE! KEEP IT IN A SAFE PLACE FOR THE ENTIRE SEMESTER. Used books that do not come with an access code will probably leave you worse off (though some used books packaged with a new access code may be available). We have gone to some trouble to negotiate this good-value deal for the package.

2. You can purchase an online only version of the text containing the WileyPLUS access code at Buy Wiley Plus. This contains the access code and the online book for the course and is offered at a specially discounted rate of $30.

What do the instructors recommend? Because this is a foundational course for science and engineering, it is likely that you will find the hard copy text an important and useful reference for your future courses and in your career for many years to come. We therefore recommend purchasing the hardcopy using option 1.