PHY 2049 - Physics 2 with Calculus - Fall 2017


Dec. 7

Final HITT scores posted on Canvas
The last HITT scores have been posted: your total and the number possible. We have also posted the number of extra credit points (out of 5) that this contributes to your grade.

Nov. 30

Review Session 7:20-9:10pm on Tuesday, Dec. 5 in NPB1002
Prof. Woodard will conduct a review session for the final in the room next to our lecture hall. Please come with problems.

Nov. 30

Final Exam Room Assignments
  • A-K ===> CAR 0100
  • L-N ===> CSE A101
  • O-R ===> MCCC 100
  • S ===> WEIL 270
  • T-Z ===> FLI 50

Nov. 17

Makeup Exam 2 Scores Uploaded to Canvas

Nov. 2

Prof. Woodard's office hours
Prof. Woodard will be away Nov. 4-6 so his M8 office hour is cancelled. He will make it up on Nov. 7 by holding a T8 office hour.

Oct. 30

Review Session 7:20-9:10pm on Tuesday, Oct. 31 in NPB1002
Prof. Woodard (dressed as a nerd) will conduct a Halloween review session for exam 2 in the room next to our lecture hall. If you want a treat, please come with problems!

Oct. 28

Exam 2 Room Assignments
  • A-Dm ===> NRN 0137
  • Dn-Lg ===> NPB 1001
  • Lh-Z ===> CAR 0100

Oct. 20

Prof. Woodard's office hours
Prof. woodard will be away the week of Oct. 23 so his M8 and F5 office hours are cancelled. He will make up by holding M7-8 office hours on Oct. 30 and F4-5 office hours on Nov. 3.

Oct. 13

Makeup Exam 1 Scores posted on Canvas

Oct. 5

Exam 1 Scores posted on Canvas
  • Everyone was given credit for problem 7
  • A point was added to everyone's score (but no scores above 20) to compensate for the figure on (master exam) problem 12 obscuring the 5th answer of the previous problem
  • The class average was 12.7

Oct. 5

Make-up Exam 1
  • The make-up Exam 1 will be help on October 11th (Wednesday) between 8:20pm - 10:20pm
  • Location: CLB C 130 (Chemistry Laboratory)

Oct. 4

Exam 1
  • The master exam has been posted (under Files) in Canvas
  • Worked-out solutions have also been posted in Canvas
  • We will upload your scores as soon as possible

Sept. 30

HW 5 deadline extended to 10pm on Thursday (Oct. 5)

Sept. 26

Exam 1 8:20-10:20pm on Tuesday, Oct. 3
  • A-D: CLB C130
  • E-L: NPB 1001
  • M-R: NRN 0137
  • S-Z: WEIM 1064

Sept. 25

Review Session for Exam 1
  • There will be a review session THIS THURSDAY, Sept. 28, 7:20-9:10pm in CSE E119.

Sept. 12

    Due to Hurricane Irma we have lost three lecture days. We ask for everyone's understanding and cooperation as we struggle to get back on schedule. Please note the following changes:

  • Chapters 23 and 24 have been compressed from 2.5 to 2 lectures each.
  • Chapters 25 and 26 have been compressed from 2 to 1.5 lectures each.
  • Chapter 27 has been compressed from 3 to 2 lectures.

  • Because this is an active hurricane season we must also expect that there may be further disruptions.

September 8

Impacts of Irma
  • Due to the cancellation of classes, we extended the deadline for HW2 to Friday, September 15.
    Obviously, we will also make arrangements for the quizzes scheduled for Friday (September 8) and Monday (September 11).
    But lets first get through this storm. Stay safe.

August 30

Need some free tutoring in physics by someone who teaches it?
  • Charles Parks, who teaches introductory physics during the summer, will make himself available 6:15 - 8:15pm, every Thursday (starting Sept. 7), in NPB 1001 (our regular lecture room) to work problems.

August 24

Some information about Homework:
  • The link to the Homework Assignment on the left takes you to a list of all homework problems we ask you to solve over the semester. These problems are identical to the problems on the Wiley system (modulo typos, the ones on the Wiley system superseed the ones listed here).

  • To access and submit the HW on Wiley, go to the e-learning website and click on the assignment link on the left. Follow the links from there to reach the HW. You will only see the current HW assignment for this week on Wiley. If you want to check out future HW problems, you need to use the Homework Assignment link on the physics website (see above).

  • We do not believe that you can access the HW website through the modules link.

August 21

Following the first lecture:
  • Word from your WileyPLUS Student Partners:
    Hi everyone!
    Here is the link to our slides that we presented in class today.
    If you missed our presentation here is a link to the recorded instructions we gave.
    As a reminder, we have office hours today, Aug 21st from 5-7 and Wednesday, Aug 23 from 12:30-2pm. If you are unable to make these you are always welcome to email us! (Gabriela) or (Nick).

  • The sun is back ... unfortunately not yet the HITT regstration page. Our staff continues to work on it and we are confident that it will be fixed soon.

  • e-learning The e-learning course website should now be visible to all students (we hope) and the slides from todays lecture have been uploaded to elearning and you should be able to see them.

  • Final TA list: This will also take a few more days but will be finalized before discussion sections start next week.

August 18

Welcome to PHY2049! Studying physics is rewarding. We hope you will enjoy the course.

This opening web page will have all current announcements. Please make sure to bookmark it and check it periodically, especially if you happen to miss a lecture. No announcements will be made via Canvas. The collection of the links in the left bar constitutes the syllabus for the course.

Here are a few upcoming important events and deadlines:
  • First class: Monday, August 21.

  • HOMEWORK: The trial homework assignment, dubbed Homework 0, is due on Tuesday, August 29, 10:00 PM. This homework is only meant to familiarize you with the WileyPlus system and will not be counted toward your final grade. To access the WileyPlus system click the "Register: WileyPlus" tab on the left and follow instructions there. The first real homework, Homework 1, is due on Tuesday, September 5, 10:00 PM.

  • Register your HITT remote: During the lectures on August 21 and 23, we will give trial HITT quizzes. Make sure to buy and register (!!!) your HITT clicker beforehand. For instructions, click the "Register: HITT" tab on the left. Beginning from August 25, HITT quizzes will start to bring you bonus points.

  • Discussion sessions and QUIZZES: Discussion sessions will start in the second week, the week of August 28. In that week, you will be given a trial quiz at the end of your discussion session; it will not be counted toward your final grade. Starting from the week of September 4, discussion session quizzes will start counting toward your final grade. To see the list of sections, rooms, and discussion leaders, click the "Timetable of Classes" tab on the left.

And let us remind again: The collection of the links in the left bar constitutes the syllabus for the course. Please make sure to read all the links. If you have a question now or later, the chance that the answer is in the syllabus is nearly 100%.