PHY 2049 - Physics 2 with Calculus - Spring 2017

e-Learning in Canvas

The e-Learning web site for this course can be accessed by going to the Learning Support Services homepage You can also access via (look for the e-Learning link at the bottom of the page).

Log in with your Gatorlink user id and password.

Homework will be done at WileyPLUS via e-Learning. Please click the "Register:WileyPLUS" bar on the left and read the instructions.

Your scores on the quizzes and exams, as well as the final grades, will be posted at e-Learning. But we will NOT post your HW and HITT scores there (you can access your HW scores at WileyPlus via e-Learning; summaries with your HITT scores will be periodically emailed to you).

Some students find the e-Learning discussions and chat useful for discussing various issues.

However, if you have questions to instructors, you must send your emails only from your Gatorlink account and only to Do not use the "Ask Your Instructor a Question" function of e-Learning in the "Help" menu. Messages and questions sent from e-Learning will be automatically ignored. This is because e-Learning lacks efficient mesage-handling tools needed for a class of this size.