PHY 2049 - Physics 2 with Calculus - Spring 2017


PHY2049 Instructors
Prof. Guido Mueller
Phone: 392-8521
Office: NPB 2370
Prof. Yasumasa Takano
Phone: 392-9326
Office: NPB 2356


PHY2049 Teaching Assistants
Name Phone Email Office
Sankha Chakrabarty 352-846-3145
NPB 2120
Hector Chen 352-273-4615
NPB 2066
Todd Kozlowski 727-459-3469
NPB 1222
Derrick VanGennep 352-392-0477
Alexander Weaver 443-854-8795
NPB 1129

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  • For business that concerns a TA only, please use TA's email address.
  • Note that homework help is given at your discussion section and during office hours, NOT through emails.