PHY 2053 - Physics I - SUMMER 2014


Date Announcement
Final exam grades posted to Sakai.  Average on the final was 7.58 (out of 12).
Final course grades posted this Sunday.
Final exam master posted to Exams page.
Physics of Music Festival posted to youtube in four parts.  Part1, Part2, Part3 and Part4.
The Final Exam is Thursday morning from 11-12:15 in Room 1001.
HITT scores are posted to Sakai.  Except for the final exam, all scores should be available on Sakai.
Two HITT remotes were unregistered: 659078 and 660131.  Contact me if this is your remote.
The link to last year's final and its solution has been posted to the practice exams (oldexams) link through the Exams link.  
Exam 3 scores posted to Sakai.  Average on exam 3 is 14.70.
Posted WebAssign, Quiz, and Sakai assignment scores to Sakai.  Try to post HITT scores soon.
Make-up exams for missed mid-term exams: Tuesday, August 5 from 7 to 9 in Room 1002.
Last study hall, Wednesday 5:30-7:30 in room 1101.
Exam 3 master posted in the Exams page.  Exams will be graded Monday morning.  Grades posted Monday afternoon.  If you are eligible to skip the final, I will email you at you at your email address.
Homework, Sakai Assignments, Quiz, and HITT grade summaries will be posted to Sakai this weekend.  You will have a good idea of your grade.
While we are fininshed with lecturing on new material, we will meet Thursday, July 31 to review for Exam 3, Tuesday, August 5 to review for the Final Exam.
There will be many HITT questions in Thursday's class.  Bring your clickers.
The Sound1 Sakai assignment seems to give an "n/a" grade when completed.  If you check the gradebook, you will see a grade is recorded for Sound1.
For some reason, the answer key for question 2 of the shm assignment will not recognize "proportional to the displacement" as the correct answer.  Everyone will get an extra point on that assignment.
Republished the Sound1 Sakai assignment to correct the answer key.  If your score is missing, you will need to do the assignment again.
Last homework assignment due Wednesday 7/30 at 11 pm.
Sakai assignments due Thursday 7/31 at 11 pm.
Exam 3 Friday 8/1 7-9 pm in room 1001.  Early exam for those concerned about grades Thursday 7/31 7-9 pm in room 1220.
Extra study halls this week: Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 5:30-7:30 in room 1101.
Sakai assignments are being posted.  You find them in the Tests & Quizzes link in Sakai.  There are two assignments for each chapter.  Chapter 9: fluids1 and fluids2, Chapter 10: solids and shm, Chapter 11: waves1 and waves2, Chapter 12: sound1 and sound2.  All the Sakai assignments are due Thursday, July 31 by 11 pm.  You will need to have the text with you as you work the assignments.  Most questions are quotations from the text but there are a few problems to solve.  You have two attempts at each assignment.  There is no time limit.
Exam 2 scores posted to Sakai.  Exam 2 average 16.39!  Grade distribution and requirements to be exempt from the final exam on the Exams link.
Exam 2 Wednesday, July 9 from 7-9 pm in NPB 1001.
Exam 2 reviews:  Monday, July 7 4:00-5:30 Room 2165, Monday, July 7 5:30-7:30 Room 1101; Tuesday, July 8 5:30-7:30 Room 1101
Discussion sections are cancelled for Thursday, July 3.  No discussion quiz this week.
Exam 1 master posted in the exams link.  
Exam 1 in NPB 1001.
Exam 1 is Wednesday evening 7-9 pm.  Locations are not yet determined.  Look in Exam page for locations.  If more than one room is used, your room will be determined by the first letter of your last name.
On Homework page is a table with the answers to the problems from Chapters 3, 4, and 5.  I am planning on uploading the answers to Chapters 1 and 2 soon.
On the Exams page are links to the breakdown of the exam, link to the instructor's solutions to the Review and Synthesis problems on pages 182-185 of your text, and links to old exams from other professors and me.
Website is up.