PHY 2053 - Physics I - SPRING 2014

DISCUSSION SECTION QUIZZES (discussion sections start the first week of classes and quizzes start on Thursday and Friday May 23-24, 2013)

A quiz will be administered at the end of nearly every week. There will be no quiz on or immediately following a mid-term exam. The quizzes will test how well you learned the concepts and methods of the assigned homework problems. The quiz will be very closely related to your homework problems. The problems may be restructured to provide guidance, allow awarding of partial credit and discourage memorization of only the formula for the solution. You are expected to learn how to do the homework problems on your own without any notes or other help (i.e. there are no crib sheets for the quizzes!). In doing the online homework you can get help in discussion section, office hours, from tutors and from other students. However, in the end you must learn the methods needed to do the problems on your own. The quizzes will give partial credit (0-5 points) so if you set up the problem correctly but make an algebraic mistake you will get some of the credit for the problem.