PHY 2053 - Physics I - SUMMER 2015


Date Announcement
Exam 3 results are posted.  The average was 12.2 out of 15.  Final exam is Thursday August 6 at 11.  The make up exams are tonight at 7 in room 1002 (or 1220 if 1002 is not available).
Exam 3 will be in NPB 1001 from 7 to 8:15 pm on Friday, July 31.  If you are taking Exam 3 Thursday, we will meet in Room 1220 at 7 pm.
A rough explanation of grades has been posted (A Guide to Grades).  You can use it as a guide for your standing in the class.
Next homework assignment posted and due July 26.  Information for Exam 3 has been posted.
If you cannot take the second exam this Thursday, you will have to take the make-up exam on Tuesday, August 4.
June 29Exam 2 has been postponed to Thursday, July 9.  Exam 3 will be held at night on Friday, July 31.  Contact me if you have a conflict with Exam 3. Other changes to the schedule are on the Course Schedule link.  Extensions to the first Canvas assignments to Sunday, July 5 will be granted.  There will be no more extensions to Canvas assignments.
First Canvas assignment(s) has been posted.  They will be due Thursday, June 18.  The third homework assignment has been posted on Connect. It will be due Sunday, July 5.
Many schedule changes for the week of June 8-12:  Additional Study Hall Monday, June 8 6:30-8:30 in NPB 1101.  Discussions on Tuesday June 9 and Wednesday June 10 are cancelled.  Study Halls on Wednesday night and Thursday night are cancelled.
May 28Second homework assignment under homework link.  Will be posted to Connect soon.  First homework assignment due this Sunday evening.  Be careful since, Connect will be down for periods this weekend for maintenance.
May 21Website is updated.