July 1 Remaining problems have been added to Homework Assignment 6 (and one of the original problems scrapped). The hard deadline for homework 6 is postponed to 14 July. Quiz 4 has been posted along with solutions.
June 8 Homework Assignment 5 and Recommended Problems 4 posted. Homework 5 is due on July 5, a week after summer break ends. It is longer than regular homeworks (15 problems), worth more points (45 points), and carries a proportionately higher weight.
June 1 Homework Assignment 4 and Recommended Problems 3 posted.
May 29 Exam 1 solutions key posted.
May 24 Schedule updated. Homework Assignment 3 and solutions to Homework Assignment 1 added.
May 22 Two changes to office hours for this week only. The office hour on Tuesday, May 24 will be held by Prasanth instead of Jonathan. The office hour on Thursday, May 26 has been moved to Wednesday, May 25 Period 5 (2:00 PM to 3:15 PM) and will be held by Jonathan. These changes are only for this week. The office hours on Monday and Friday are unchanged.
May 20 Problem 10 of Homework 2 has been modified. A hint has been added to Problem 6. Recommended Problems 2 added.
May 16 Homework Assignment 2 posted (on both the canvas page and the course website).
May 11 Canvas page created for the course. Homework Assignment 1 and Recommended Problems 1 added to Canvas in the 'Files' tab.
May 8 Course website created (You're on it!). Syllabus and tentative schedule added. First class on Monday, May 9 in NPB 1002 at 5 PM.