PHY 2054 (Physics 2 without Calculus) Fall 2014

Office Hours and Contact Information

Need help? Please take advantage of office hours! That's why we hold them.

Office Hours: The office hours shown below are spread across the entire week. All office locations are in the Physics building. Our philosophy is that any student can see any person who has office hours at that time.

Teaching Center: Please take advantage of the Teaching Center in Broward Hall which has a number of people and resources for Physics courses.

Tau Beta Pi as part of the Tutoring for Engineering Excellence program is providing help sessions for the homework and review sessions for the exams. Check their web site for a current schedule.

Office Hours (contact details below chart)

Period Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
2 8:30          
3 9:35 Debnath   Debnath    
4 10:40   Wilcox  
5 11:45     Korytov Wilcox
6 12:50       Korytov  
7 1:55     Hare  
8 3:00 Avery   Ackley
Ackley Hare
9 4:05          
10 5:10       Uzakbaiuly Uzakbaiuly

Contact Information

Instructor Periods Office (Physics)
email suffix is
Prof. Andrey Korytov
R5, R6 Office: 2027
Phone: 392-3482
email: phy2054
Prof. Paul Avery M8, W8 Office: 2029
Phone: 392-9264
email: phy2054
Kendall Ackley W8, R8 Office: 2015
Phone: 392-3124
email: ackley
Dipsikha Debnath M3, W3 Office: 2044
Phone: 392-3507
email: particle123456 AT
Brian Hare R7, F8 Office: 2064
Phone: 392-
email: hare
Berik Uzakbaiuly R10, F10 Office: 1135
Phone: 273-4644
email: berik89
Steven Wilcox R4, F5 Office: 2013
Phone: 392-1449
email: steven.wilcox AT