PHY 2054 Fall 2015

Physics 2

PHY 2054 "Coordinator"

Rick Field
Rick Field
The PHY 2054 coordinator is
responsible for the following:
  • Maintaining the three WEBsites
  • Maintaining the grades
  • The Estimated and Overall Course Grades
  • The McGrawHillConnect On-Line Homework
  • Organize the Quizzes
  • The Exams, Final Exam, and Make-Up Exam
    (with input from Andrey Korytov)

PHY 2054 WEBsites:
There are three PHY2054 WEBsites that you will need to use.

PHY 2054 Textbook:

PHY2054 Textbook

PHY 2054 Lecturers

Andrey Korytov
Andrey Korytov
Rick Field
Rick Field

PHY 2054 Lectures (TR 2 & 3):

PHY 2054 Discussion Sections and Quizzes:

PHY2054 Quiz Schedule*
WeekQuizDateQuiz Problem
18/24/15-8/28/15No Quiz
28/31/15-9/4/15No Quiz
31(MW & WF) Wednesday 9/9/15
(TR) Thursday 9/10/15
Chapter 16.1-16.7
42(MW & WF) Wednesday 9/16/15
(TR) Thursday 9/17/15
Chapter 17.1-17.4
53(MW & WF) Wednesday 9/23/15
(TR) Thursday 9/24/15
Chapter 17.5-18.4
64(TR) Tuesday 9/29/15
(MW & WF) Wednesday 9/30/15
Chapter 18.4-18.10
710/5/15-10/9/15No Quiz
85(MW & WF) Wednesday 10/14/15
(TR) Thursday 10/15/15
Chapter 19.1-19.10
96(MW & WF) Wednesday 10/21/15
(TR) Thursday 10/22/15
Chapter 20.1-20.7
107(MW & WF) Wednesday 10/28/15
(TR) Thursday 10/29/15
Chapter 20.8-21.2
118(TR) Tuesday 11/3/15
(MW & WF) Wednesday 11/4/15
Chapter 21.3-21.7
1211/9/15-11/13/15No Quiz
139(MW & WF) Wednesday 11/18/15
(TR) Thursday 11/19/15
Chapter 22.1-23.5
1411/23/15-11/27/15No Quiz
1511/30/15-12/4/15No Quiz
1610(TR) Tuesday 12/8/15
(MW & WF) Wednesday 12/9/15
Chapter 24.5-25.9
*Quizzes are in the discussion sections.

PHY 2054 Exams and Final:

PHY2054 Exam Schedule
DateExamMaterialTimeRoom Assignments*
Wednesday 9/30/15Exam 1Chapters 16.1-18.108:20pm-10:10pmTBA
Tuesday 11/3/15Exam 2Chapters 19.1-21.78:20pm-10:10pmTBA
Wednesday 12/9/15Make-UpChapters 16.1-25.95:10pm-7:05pmTBA
Saturday 12/12/15Final ExamChapters 16.1-25.910:00am-noonTBA
*Room assignments are based on the first letter of your last name.

Click to go to Connect PHY 2054 On-Line Homework: McGrawHillConnect ON-LINE HOMEWORK (due by 11:00pm on the dates shown below)

McGrawHillConnect Homework Problems: Do not delay in logging-on/registering on the system. Not getting your homework in because you waited to the last minute and had trouble registering will not excuse you from the resulting zero on the homework assignment. Once the due date/time has passed no further input of answers for credit will be accepted. It is your responsibility to get your homework in on time. Last minute computer/local server problems will not excuse you from this responsibility.

Your homework scores will be weighted by how well you do on the quiz that follows the homework assignment. For example, if HWn is your score on the nth homework assignment and Qn is your score on the nth quiz, then you will receive the following quiz×homework grade: (Q×HW)n = Qn × HWn/5. However, if your quiz score is 4 points or higher (out of 5 points) then you will receive full credit for the corresponding homework assignment no matter what your homework score was on that assignment (even if you did not do the homework assignment!), and full credit for the corresponding quiz×homework grade. There is no associated quiz for HW Set 10. For the Set 10 assignment, (Q×HW)10 = HW10. The assigned on-line homework problems, the due dates, and the dates of the associated quiz are shown below. The quiz×homework portion of the course will count for 10% of the overall course grade. To provide a measure of forgiveness for illnesses and possible network problems, 10% of the quiz×homework scores will be dropped in evaluating your final grade. The course grade formula (PDF) shows how your quiz×homework points are calculated.

PHY2054 McGrawHillConnect On-Line Homework Schedule
AssignmentDue Date
(by 11:00pm)
MaterialAssociated Quiz (date)
HW Set 1Sunday September 6Chapter 16: 2, 6, 15, 18, 22, 24, 28, 50, 57, 62Quiz 1 (9/9-9/10)
HW Set 2Sunday September 13Chapter 17: 1, 4, 5, 7, 10, 13, 20, 33, 39, 48Quiz 2 (9/16-9/17)
HW Set 3Sunday September 20Charper 17: 54, 71, 76, 84
Charper 18: 7, 11, 12, 16, 23, 29
Quiz 3 (9/23-9/24)
HW Set 4Sunday September 27Chapter 18: 37, 40, 41, 52, 59, 69, 78, 80, 83, 89Quiz 4 (9/29-9/30)
HW Set 5Sunday October 11Chapter 19.1-19.10Quiz 5 (10/14-10/15)
HW Set 6Sunday October 18Chapter 20.1-20.7Quiz 6 (10/21-10/22)
HW Set 7Sunday October 25Chapter 20.8-21.2Quiz 7 (10/28-10/29)
HW Set 8Sunday November 1Chapter 21.3-21.7Quiz 8 (11/3-11/4)
HW Set 9Sunday November 15Chapter 22.1-23.5Quiz 9 (11/18-11/19)
HW Set 10Sunday November 22Chapter 23.6-24.4None: (Q×HW)10 = HW10
HW Set 11Sunday December 6Chapter 24.5-25.9Quiz 10 (12/8-12/9)

PHY 2054 Student Response System - H-ITT Bonus Points:

PHY 2054 Overall Course Grades:

Grading Procedure
AssignmentMax Course Points
Exam 125
Exam 225
Final Exam25
Total Points100
HITT Bonus**5
*10% will be dropped.
**Optional bonus points.
Grading Scale (fixed)
A≥ 85
A-≥ 80
B+≥ 75
B≥ 70
B-≥ 65
C+≥ 60
C≥ 55
C-≥ 50
D+≥ 45
D≥ 40
D-≥ 35
E< 35

Normalization of the Quiz Scores:
At the end of the semester we will compute the overall average quiz score for each of the PHY2054 TA's. We will make no change to the quiz grades for those students in the classes of the TA with the highest average. We will add "bonus" quiz points to all the other students in such a way as to make all the averages the same as the TA with the highest average. However, if doing so gives you more than 15 points for your overall quiz grade, then you will only get the full 15 points.

Normalization of the Quiz times Homework Scores:
At the end of the semester after the quiz grades are normalized we will recalculate the Quiz times Homework scores. However, if doing so gives you more than 10 points for your overall QxHW grade, then you will only get the full 10 points.

Students with Disabilities (New for Fall 2015!):
Students requesting special accomodations on the in-term exams and the final exam must follow the new instructions at UF DSO. Students must initiate an accommodated testing request (ATR) for each exam to be scheduled at the DRC (i.e. Exam 1, Exam 2, Final Exam). The PHY2054 instructors will review the request via E-mail and either accept or decline the request as submitted. The ATR must be completed at least four (4) business days before the scheduled exam date. The Accommodated Testing Service (ATS) at DRC will then administer the exam.

How to Succeed in PHY2054:

Rick Field - August 25, 2015