PHY 2054 (Physics 2 without Calculus) Fall 2016


Nov. 16 Prof. Avery is having extra office hours this week and Monday to talk to any student, but especially those who are contemplating withdrawing from phy2054. Please see his recent Canvas email on the subject.

Sep. 28 Exam 1 results: Exam 1 scores were uploaded to eLearning Wednesday just after noon. The average was 11.9. The histogram of scores can be found in the files area on eLearning under "Exam solutions and histograms". We will post the solution by Thursday.

Sep. 6 Homework 1: Because of the UF closing last week, the HW1 due date has been extended 24 hours until tonight.

Aug. 31 Textbook: Please see the emails sent yesterday and today regarding access to the textbook.

Aug. 30 HITT points: Remember that we allow a generous forgiveness factor of 0.8 for HITT points (we divide the raw points by 0.8 before using it to calculate the HITT score, max = 5.00). This factor accounts for forgotten clickers, clicker not working, occasional missed classes, etc.

Aug. 23 Welcome to PHY2054! Lectures begin Tuesday, Aug. 23, in NPB 1001 (period 2 or 3). It is important to attend the discussion section you are registered for, otherwise your quiz scores will not be counted.
  • Textbook situation: The phy2054 textbook is late arriving at the bookstore & is expected later this week. In the meantime, we have made a pdf copy of Chapter 16 (first chapter) and placed it on e-Learning under "Lectures". If you used Connect with phy2053 in a previous semester, you can login at the website under your Connect name and get free access for 2 weeks. If you were not in phy2053 using Connect, we are placing instructions on the phy2054 e-Learning page later today. In our opinion, the pdf of Chap. 16 on the phy2054 e-Learning site is the best option because of its ease of use.
  • HITT points and registration: Please register your remote on the HITT page. Once you provide your UFID and transmitter ID (6 digts on the back of your transmitter), the software will link your name to the transmitter and the points you accumulate will be assigned to your name. Otherwise, the points accumulate but we have no way to assign them to you. You can only use your HITT transmitter in one class period.
  • Students with Disabilities: Please read the material on the Overview page, particularly the part about test accommodations.
  • The class schedule shows the lecture schedule, exam dates, and on-line homework due dates.
  • email should be sent only to phy2054 AT so that both instructors see it.
  • Discussion sections start Monday, August 22.
  • The first homework assignment is due Monday, Sept. 5, by 10pm. To familiarize yourself with the HW system, make sure to exercise the trial HW0, which is due on Aug. 29 (it will not be counted toward your final grade).
  • Quizzes begin in the discussion sections in the week of September 5.