PHY 2054 (Physics 2 without Calculus) Fall 2018


Dec 13, 2018 Final grades are now in e-Learning, under "Letter Grade". Ignore the zero that may appear after your grade. Have a relaxing winter break!
Dec 10, 2018 Scores for the final exam are in e-Learning.
Dec 7, 2018 HITT points for the semester are now in e-Learning.
Nov 30, 2018 Exam room assignments: These assignments for the final exam are based on the first letter or first two letters of your last name. For security reasons, you must come to the room assigned to you.
  • A – Cl: Weimer 1064
  • Co – Gr: Little 109
  • Gu – I: New Physics Bldg. 1002
  • J – Na: Flint 050
  • Ne – R: Weil 270
  • S – Ti: Florida Gym 270
  • To – Z: Florida Gym 230
Nov 29, 2018 Final Exam review with Yasu Takano: Thursday, December 6, 3:00 pm - 4:55 pm, NPB 1002 (next to the PHY2054 auditorium). After a brief review of important concepts, we will go through problems chosen by the reviewer and students. Come to the review with questions and a list of problems you would like to be discussed.
Nov 9, 2018 Quiz Makeup Policy has been changed to allow more than two make-ups provided appropriate documentation is sent to the TAs. This change is retroactive. Please liaise with your TA next week if this affects you.
Nov 4, 2018 Grade calculator has been updated. In e-Learning, go to Files > Grade calculator. The new version gives two predictions, one using only the scores to date and the other incorporating your guesses for future HW assignments and quizzes, and the final exam.

HITT points have also been updated in e-Learning.

Nov 1, 2018 Exam 2 scores are in eLearning.
Oct 30, 2018 Exam 2 has been made available in eLearning - Files. Solutions and grades will follow in a few days. We will give everyone question 4 on the posted exam since we asked for currents I1 and I3 but answer choices corresponded to I2 and I3.
Oct 30, 2018 Exam review slides: Slides used in the review this evening are posted in e-Learning. Look for the file entitled PHY2054_review2.pdf in "Files".
Oct 29, 2018 Exam 2 review with Yasu Takano: Tuesday, October 30, 6:15 pm - 8:10 pm, NPB 1001 (PHY2054 classroom). After a brief review of important concepts, we will go through problems chosen by the reviewer and students. Come to the review with questions and a list of problems you would like to be discussed.

Exam 2 room assignments: The assignments are based on the first letter, or first two letters, of your last name.

  • A – D: Computer Sci. & Eng. A101
  • E – Le: McCarty C 100
  • Li – R: Weimer 1064
  • S – Z: Pugh 170

Oct 22, 2018 Exam 2 will be on: Ch 21 - Ch 23, Section 10.
Sections 11 and 12 from Chapter 23 will be excluded. On the Homework this includes upto HW 8.

Oct. 19, 2018 HITT Points Updated: HITT points uploaded. We have rescaled the points and removed some Quick Quiz questions which had low number of correct responses. This means we have graded in your favor. What matters is the ratio of your HITT points to HITT Max points.
If you have no points, it means your HITT remote is still not registered correctly.

Oct. 3, 2018 Exam 1 Solutions: Solutions are in eLearning, file dated Sep28.

Oct. 2, 2018 Exam 1 Scores: Scores for Exam 1 are now available in eLearning, and it includes the point given for Q14. HITT scores will be updated next week. Solutions to Exam 1 will be posted in a couple of days.

Oct. 1, 2018 Exam 1 available: We have made Exam 1 available to you in eLearning, file dated Sep28. The first answer is the right answer choice in all questions. We are reviewing Q14 for suitability.

Sep 27, 2018 Exam 1 subjects: As announced on the Exams webpage, Exam 1 covers sections up to 20.5 of the textbook. This is Section 20.5 of the book that is available in e-Learning as multiple pdf files and from openstax, the publisher, as a single pdf file. In this version, AC power and rms voltage appear in Section 20.5, not in 20.6 as in another version of the book.

Exam review slides: Slides used in the review last night are posted in e-Learning. Look for the file entitled review1.pdf in "Files".

Sep 26, 2018 Formula sheet clarification - Formula sheet can be typed but no cutting and pasting. Hand drawn diagram is permissible. Copying out entire questions and solutions is not permissible.

Sep 25, 2018 We decided to permit hand-written or typed up formula sheet during the exam. So you may bring either. Also, scantron will be provided by the department.

Sep 21, 2018 SPS Group Study Session Thursday, September 27, 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm, NPB 2205. Society of Physics Students group study session format will be a large group study with some SPS members available to answer questions and help students review for their exam.

Sep 20, 2018 Exam 1 review with Yasu Takano: Wednesday, September 26, 6:15 pm - 8:10 pm, NPB 1001 (PHY2054 classroom). After a brief review of important concepts, we will go through problems chosen by the reviewer and students. Come to the review with questions and a list of problems you would like to be discussed.
Sep 19, 2018 Exam 1 room assignments: The assignments are based on the first letter of your last name.
  • A – F: New Physics Bldg. 1001
  • G – R: Carleton 100
  • S – Z: Turlington L007
Sep 17, 2018 4pm Makeup Exam Dates and Time announced. See 'Exams' tab on the left navigation panel

HITT points uploaded using registrations of 2 pm, Sep 11. If you have registered your HITT remote after that time your score will show up the next time we upload points, around the time of Exam 1.

Sep 14, 2018 Next Tues., Sep 18 we will wrap up ch 19 by doing problems based on capacitors in combination, and energy stored in a capacitor.
We plan to get your HITT scores into eLearning next week.

Sep 11, 2018 HW Solutions are available in eLearning under Files aftter the due date.
Sep 10, 2018 Expert TA roster updated.
Sep 9, 2018 On Tues. Sep 11 we will continue with the relationship between electric field and electric potential. On Thursday, Sep 13 we will cover capacitors.

HITT Points are uploaded to eLearning every 2 weeks. The first set has not yet been uploaded.

Sep 6, 2018 1:10 pm Office hours: Professor Takano will be away next week. In lieu of his office hours on Thursday, spetember 13, he will hold extra office hours on Tuesday, September 18, 11:45 AM - 1:40 PM.

Sep 6, 2018 12.30 pm P2 students - we had only 3 digits show up on your HITT remotes and the placement on the screen was different from usual. John Mocko (who helps with HITT set up and demos) assures me that there was no problem with recording the data, it was just that he changed the display settings. So your scores this morning were saved without a problem.
Sep 5, 2018 Chapter 19 pre-lecture slides in eLearning cover the entire chapter. We will take 4 class periods to cover this material, you need not go over it all for the lecture tomorrow. Likely we will cover the first 2 topics - Electric Potential Energy and Electric Potential tomorrow.
Aug 31, 2018 Quizzes start in week of Sep. 10

HITT questions on Tues, Aug 28th were practice only and did not count.
Please check your UFID in Expert TA under 'Personal Info' and correct it if need be.

Aug 22, 2018 Welcome to Phy2054! Lectures begin Thursday, August 23 in NPB 1001 (periods 2 & 3). You must attend during your registered class period.
  • Textbook/homework system: This course will be using the textbook (OpenStax "College Physics") and online homework system (ExpertTA) for the 2053-2054 sequence.
  • ExpertTA registration: Please register for the ExpertTA online homework at the link provided on the homework page. You can register only if your name is in the ExpertTA roster we previously uploaded (we update the roster daily as new students sign up for this course). Roster updated: 9/10
  • HITT registration: Please register your remote on the HITT page. Once you provide your UFID and transmitter ID (6 digts on the back of your transmitter), the software will link your name to the transmitter and the points you accumulate will be assigned to your name. You can only use your HITT transmitter in one class period.
  • Students with Disabilities: Please read the material on the Overview page, particularly the part about test accommodations.
  • email should be sent only to phy2054 AT so that all instructors see it.

Some schedule-related items

  • The class schedule shows the lecture schedule, exam dates, quiz dates and on-line homework due dates.
  • Discussion sections start Monday, August 27. It is important to attend the discussion section you are registered for, otherwise your quiz scores will not be counted. Quizzes are given on Tuesday or Wednesday of the week, depending on section (see schedule page).
  • The first homework assignment is due Monday, Sep. 10, by 10 pm. To familiarize yourself with the HW system, make sure to exercise the trial HW0, due Tuesday Sep. 4 (not counted toward final grade). Homework due dates are shown on the schedule page
  • Quizzes begin in the discussion sections in the week of Sep 10. Quiz dates are shown on the schedule page
  • phy2054 lab is run as a separate course, and typically starts the second week of classes.